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Thread: Is this behavior typical?

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    Unhappy Is this behavior typical?

    I have been ebfing my 9 week old and am thrilled at being able to do it, but we've been having some trying times.

    Let me start off by saying that she is gaining weight beautifully - about an ounce/day and was 75th percentile for weight at her recent 2 month well-baby exam.

    Now, ever since she was about 5 weeks old, she has seemed fussier at the breast - a couple of minutes (at most) after my letdown, she starts pulling, fussing, and popping off/on over and over. Sometimes I can keep her latched on if I walk around WHILE nursing her. The only time I seem to be able to keep her latched on without having to watch her like a hawk and attempt to keep her from tearing my nipples up is if she is very sleepy, but at that point she is more just fluttering on the breast nd not really EATING (other than an occasional swallow)

    I don't think I have a forceful letdown since she doesn't start her antics until a min or two AFTER my let down. Also, if I try to keep her off of the breast (after she has popped on/off half a dozen times) she get's upset and behaves like she's still hungry.

    Also, sometimes (often) a nursing session will look like this:

    Start nursing - letdown happens fairly quickly - she nurses for 2-3 minutes at most - popping off/on starts - I attempt to burp her - she starts to cry and clearly wants to continue nursing - as soon as she is back on the breast starts the quick nursing in an attempt to get another letdown (usually another let down takes 10-15 minutes) - when letdown doesn't happen immediately she gets upset and starts crying - I have to either A. bounce/walk her around until she relaxes enough to let some time pass or B. walk her while nursing in an attempt to keep her latched on in a slightly more relaxed fashion.

    I thought maybe my supply was on the low side (despite her good weight gain and sufficient number of wet/dirty diapers per day) so I started fenugreek. I saw an obvious increase in supply, but she still goes through the start/stop/fussing/trying to get more letdowns/etc..... she'll do that even in the morning when my breasts are VERY full - I can gently give them a squeeze and milk will drip out very readily.

    Oh, and since taking fenugreek she seems to be having more gas, spitting up a little more, etc.... so I've started to wean myself off slowly, but I'm afraid of losing my bumped up supply.

    Anyway, I'm not sure what - if anything - I can do to make our nursing sessions more relaxed and/or just keep her from hurting my nipples over and over.

    Does anyone have any advice?

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    If she is gaining weight, and her diaper output is good, I imagine your supply is fine.

    Your LO sounds a little bit like my LO! My 11 week old can sometimes get impatient for later letdowns, usually in the evenings--but she did it to me this morning, too, for the first time. She can get very rough on my nipples when she's like that, so I started switching breasts when she starts getting fussy and rough. I switch back and forth until she's had her fill, and it has really cut down on her fussing and tugging.

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    This behavior actually may indicate overproduction and/or forceful letdown. See below article and see if any of this sounds like your baby. If it does, I do not suggest block nursing. Try the other ideas first. And no more fenugreek! http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

    This type of thing can also be caused by baby being uncomfortable at the breast. Have you tried different positions?

    As long as baby is nursing frequently enough and gaining appropriately, behavior at the breast is not much to worry about. But of course you want to try to make nursing as pleasant for yourself and baby as you can!

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    Is she arching backward when she starts her antics? Also, does she sound congested with her breathing at times?

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