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Thread: Tattoos while breastfeeding?

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    Default Tattoos while breastfeeding?

    I'm getting mixed info about getting a tattoo while breastfeeding.

    Has anyone here done it? Or know if it's any less safe than getting tattooed while not breastfeeding?
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    Default Re: Tattoos while breastfeeding?

    New Beginnings the LLLUSA Magazine did a cover story on body art and breastfeeding a couple of years ago. did you see that? It was nice, with pictures and all. I am not sure if you can still access it online in that form. But here is the text I think. http://www.llli.org/nb/nbiss4-09p4.html

    oh I did not know about this one, it is from breastfeeding today, the LLLI magazine. More recent, at least more recentlt published- http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000001_BT_PDF/bt16.pdf

    ok they are basically the same info. Slightly modified.
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    Default Re: Tattoos while breastfeeding?

    Some artists won't do tattoo women who are still nursing. The reason I was given was that the hormones and changes in your immune system can cause it not to heal properly. Maybe those articles address that issue. Personally, I would wait just in case.
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