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Thread: Ear infection and using breastmilk for it?

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    Default Ear infection and using breastmilk for it?

    My 17 month bf girl had an ear infection as of this past Wednesday on her right ear. She has had a cough and runny nose for a week and a half so I'm almost certain it's a viral infection which is why I don't think antibiotics would not be the best solution. I do have the antibiotics in case I need them but want to give a little more before I use them.

    She had fever and slept was really uncomfortable in the wee hrs of Wednesday which is why i took her to the ped the next day. After starting the bm, she slept much better and woke up as normal to nurse. She is playing, dancing and her appetite is not ggreat but it's picking up. Fever gone, but I know that an ear infection can still be present with no fever.

    She sometimes brings her hands to her bottom jaw so I don't know if it's her ears bothering or teeth coming in.

    I ordered an otoscope which I should have by Tuesday to monitor if I see improvement. How many times a day should i drop some breastmilk in her ear? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Default Re: Ear infection and using breastmilk for it?

    How is she feeling now? If she hasn't had any more fever and she's sleeping okay, there's probably nothing else you need to do. I don't think there's any point in putting milk in her ear; unless the ear drum is perforated it's not going to reach the infection anyway.

    Do you have a follow-up appointment with the doctor? I'd just want to make sure the fluid is draining... From what I understand, the fluid can hang around for a while depending on what kind of infection it is.

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