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Thread: New onset excessive lipase?

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    Default New onset excessive lipase?

    Hi, I have a 7 wk old. I have started pumping so my husband can feed and to prepare to go back to work. We have had no issues up until this point.

    But the past three bottles (random throughout the week) he has fought it. The first two he finally took but the last one he wouldn't. It has been fresh milk (within 72 hrs). We have thawed milk and given it to him no problem.

    I don't notice a sour smell.

    My question is can you suddenly develop excessive lipase? Or could he just be rejecting the bottle or type of nipple (although it is the same bottle he's used in the past)

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Default Re: New onset excessive lipase?

    Hm, it doesn't sound like a lipase problem...

    Were you near by when he rejected the bottles? It may just be that he prefers you to the bottle. He might reject the bottle when he knows you're close by, but do okay with it when you're at work.

    How have things gone this last week?

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