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Thread: Baby fighting at the breast...

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    Default Baby fighting at the breast...

    Hi - my 3month old (almost 4 mo on Feb 3) has started fussing at the breast more often. Why is this?

    He takes bedtime bottle from Daddy of EBM. When my husband and I are both working during the day, he will get bottles of EBM from his caregiver. I only work part-time so when I am home with him, I always let him nurse.

    I've just noticed that he has been fighting at the breast lately - he will latch on great and then start pulling off every few minutes. It's almost like he is getting mad because he isn't getting enough to eat. Sometimes I will switch sides and let him continue to nurse from the other side. Sometimes this satisfies him and sometimes it doesn't.

    What could be going on? I'm really worried that I'm not producing as much as I used to :-(

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    When my LO was around that age, she went through something similar. She would fuss and fuss if I tried to feed her sitting on the couch like we normally did. She would only nurse laying down. Drove me crazy for about two weeks. Then I started just switching her sides as soon as she fussed, and after a few times she would latch on and have a good feeding. It seems to be the age where they start getting really easily distracted while nursing. I found that using a nursing hat, even while at home, sometimes helped with that.

    Ear infections can also cause sudden fussing at the breast.

    As for whether he's getting enough (and whether your supply is good), keep a close eye on his diaper output.

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    Default Re: Baby fighting at the breast...

    It seems like 3-4 months is a difficult time for BF. I went through the same thing with my LO and she would only nurse lying down.
    She is now 8mo and can NIP, nurse in front of the TV, nurse to sleep, nurse nurse nurse,

    If you are worried that baby isn't draining you, you could try pumping, but really what I think is best is just to offer to breastfeed often (I offered every hour when LO was fussy at the breast) to make sure baby is getting enough.

    What really worked for us was nursing when she was already asleep, or drowsy, then also nursing when she woke up from naps.

    good luck, happy nursing.

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    Default Re: Baby fighting at the breast...

    I might back off bottles as much as possible just to make sure baby isn't developing a bottle preference. Of course when necessary, like when you're gone, use them to get baby fed. But try to teach him that bottles aren't an easier alternative to having to nurse, they are only for when you aren't there.
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