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Thread: Pain help!

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    Unhappy Pain help!

    I've been breast feeding for 3 wks n it was getting better. It's always been hard for lo to latch onto right breast but we were doing good. Last night started getting very painful I have a hard time latching him off also-painful. There's a whitehead/pimple looking on my nipple. Now even if he's not on my right breast is in pain n I don't want him to feed on that side. What do I do !!?? I'm feeding him on left n them going to pump right but don't know if this is good enough to keep supply. It hurts what to do 

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    Sounds like a milk blister or bleb. This link covers them: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplebleb/

    Sorry, mama! I know they hurt. But they are generally very temporary problems. Don't let a bleb detail breastfeeding for you.

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