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Thread: One breast or two... when to switch

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    oh sorry, I thought your baby had been treated for tongue tie. Tongue tie would be a possible cause of what some would call a 'short tongue.' But if it has improved without treatment, that is good. But whenever there is unresolved pain during nursing, baby should probably be assessed for tongue tie by someone who knows how to do so. There are 4 recognised 'types' of tt that can make latch difficult and some are very tricky to diagnose.

    An IBCLC is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. This is someone who has been educated, clinically trained, tested and finally 'certified' for thier knowledge of breastfeeding problems and thier solutions. If you are seeing a lactation consultant who is not an IBCLC, they may or may not have this level of education and training. It is not easy becoming an IBCLC so they will have those letters after their name on their card, etc. Anyone can call themselves a lactation consultant.

    latch pain certainly may get better in time of course, as you have experienced. But did your lc suggest anything more to try-different positions, different latch techniques, etc?

    her suck would get better with time and the soreness should at least decrease.
    what does 'her suck would get better' mean, to you? I am not sure what that means. latch pain is typically due to a poor latch. A poor suck-does that mean, a weak suck? I am confused.

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    here is where to look up ibclc's www.ilca.org

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