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Thread: new to breastfeeding please help!

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    Default new to breastfeeding please help!

    this is my 3rd baby and trying my best to breastfeed but my milk supply is super low i dont what i can do to produce more milk?... ive tried pumping alot and making my baby suck but he gets frustrated that milk doesnt come out alot.... please help!!! i really
    want to keep breastfeeding

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    Dont give up!! Your boobies will catch up eventually. I drank mothers milk tea and that helped a bit. Keep pumping and keep encouraging your sweet little one to nurse even though he might get mad. Maybe have him suckle away when hes sleepy so hes not so mad and just sorta using you as a paci to get that stimulation you need! Keep at it lady!! <3 you can do it!!

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    Default Re: new to breastfeeding please help!

    Hi and welcome to the forum. pp gives you really good suggestions, but just so we have the whole picture, It would help to have more info.

    First, How do you know your milk production is low? poor weight gain? Baby not pooping? etc.
    How old is baby?
    What is the weight history from birth until now?
    is baby exclusively breastfed? if not, how much is baby being given in supplemental feedings? Is the supplement your pumped milk, formula, both?
    What kind of pump are you using?
    How often does baby nurse? (about how many times per 24 hour day-8 times, 10, 16, etc.)
    When you say baby gets frustrated, can you describe in detail what is happening? Babies fuss at the breast for many reasons.
    Is nursing comfortable for you?
    Have you seen a lactation consultant?

    Here are two very good resources for understanding and 'treating' low milk production: this article http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...es/low-supply/
    and the book Making More Milk

    There are many, many ways to try to up production.

    But in most cases, the single best way to increase milk production is to nurse and/or pump/hand express very often. Nursing is usually 'better' than pumping because usually (not always) baby is better at extracting milk and usually it is easier to nurse than to pump.

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