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    My baby was born 5 days ago. He was introduced to a passy right after he nursed for the first time, in which my husband didn't realize he shouldn't have. Apparently it cause him to want to just suck all the time, so when I'd nurse him, he would just suck and suck and suck like he was on a passy. He was eating, and had almost two times the amount of dirty and wet diapers he was supposed to have but still it worried me. His latch was fine, but because of his sucking issue, I'd have to keep him on the breast for about 45 minutes sometimes just to make sure he was eating enough and not being lazy. Well, my milk came two days ago and came ALL AT ONCE! I literally couldn't take it! They were so hard it felt like someone had beaten them and they were bruised and lumpy. The nipples were fine though. I tried everything. Cold. Hot. Pumping just a little (and saving what I pumped for 5 minutes to keep just in case) Frequently feeding. Etc. nothing took the ease off and I couldn't take it anymore. Last night, I decided to have my husband feed him what I already pumped from earlier and I'd pump exclusively now. I've pumped every three hours since on the hour for 15 minutes each getting about an ounce from each breast. It has given me relief but is this going to cause issues with my supply or does this sound like it can work. What if I want to feed him from the breast again at some point? Would I just skip that pumping session and just feed him from the breast? How can I start building a milk supply for when I go back to work if I'm only two feeding ahead of when he eats?

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    Welcome adery! I'm so sorry we missed your post! It got stuck in a moderation queue and I didn't see it for a while.

    How are things going now? Are you feeling better?

    It's hard to say whether exclusive pumping will be enough to build and maintain a good supply... Some moms are able to do it and keep it up long term, others find their supplies dwindling after a while. Part of that may be how often milk is removed from the breast. Some moms need to nurse/pump more often than every 3 hours in order to keep producing as much as baby needs.

    Will your baby still latch on and nurse? It sounds like he was doing a good job transferring milk if he was having tons of wet and poopy diapers. Nursing for 45 minutes at a time can actually be pretty normal for a newborn.

    When will you be going back to work?
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    Hi. It can be quite challenging when milk first comes in and it is a lot. Challenging for both mom and baby. But that challenge is almost always very shortlived, we are talking a couple weeks, at MOST, usually, for milk production to get where it and baby are more in sync. IN the meantime, it sounds like you were doing just the right things- nurse as much as possible and, if that is not enough, pump or hand express as needed to keep the milk flowing enough so mom is comfortable.

    I would strongly suggest, do not give up on nursing at the breast yet. Nursing at the breast gets easier and easier with time and practice. Bottle feeding, and especially pumping, tends to either stay just as hard or gets harder and harder as time goes on.

    Unless you are returning to work prior to 6 weeks, I would strongly suggest not worrying about that at all just yet. Relax and enjoy your baby. It is entirely normal for a baby to want to nurse for long periods and very frequently. Giving a baby a pacifier does not make them do this, it's normal, and in fact, necessary for baby to get enough to eat and for getting milk production off to a good start. Or do you mean that you think the pacifier caused baby to have a poor latch?

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