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Thread: 3 month old bad latch sore nipples?

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    Default 3 month old bad latch sore nipples?

    My 3 month old son is 12lbs 4ounces born 4 wks early at 6lbs 14ounces. Spent 1 week in the Nicu. They gave him a soother (which I didn't want) and he was on formula and breast milk. Ever since we started him on breastfeeding he hasn't been a great latcher. Sometimes we're great other times not so much. Lately my nipples are very sore. He's been diagnosed with reflux and is on losac. He squirms around while eating, rips his head back no matter what position we're in. He's been clicking his tongue which is on going since the start. I have been to two lactation consultants and both said I was doing everything right and that his latch looks fine. But he can't hold a deep latch. By the end of his feed it hurts and I have to unlatch him and then he refuses to relatch. He only wants the nipple in his mouth. The second consultant I saw said that it was due to the reflux. She noted that I have overactive letdown/flow. Which I know to be true. And that the clicking of his tongue is to control the flow of milk because he doesn't do it the whole feed or on every feed. I've been doing side lying position and laid back position and it's helping a bit but I need more help or suggestions. Would an osteopath or chiropractor help? I'm at my wits end. I never had any of these problems with my first and I lived breastfeeding him and he had reflux too. This one I'm cringing every feed.
    He has 8 wet diapers a day and 2-3 stools. He's very gassy due to clicking his tongue and swallowing air.

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    I am sorry you are having such a painful time, mama!

    So, what I will say is that if you are experiencing pain, that is a sign that perhaps the latch is NOT fine, despite what the two LCs you saw are telling you. Just because it looks correct from the outside does not necessarily mean everything is okay. Were the LCs you saw IBCLCs? This is important, because many individuals can call themselves LCs but not all of these individuals will have the qualifications to truly assess what is going on with breastfeeding management. Some LCs are just RNs who have taken a weekend course in lactation. So what I would want to do in your situation is make sure that the breastfeeding help I receive is from an IBCLC, and go from there.
    Apologies for the short responses! I'm usually responding one-handed on my smartphone!

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    I'm not sure if either of them were IBCLC's. The first was the hospitals LC and the second works for the region I live in, part of the goverment. The second was much more helpful. I'll look up to see if there is a IBCLC in my area and make an appointment. I've also made an appt with my paediatritian to get him checked for tongue tie. I'm fairly confident his latch is wrong but I can't get him to keep the deep latch once he has it.

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    Red face Re: 3 month old bad latch sore nipples?

    My LO is 7 weeks and we experience the same thing. She has a habit of arching backwards with the nipple still latched, stretching it out. I also have a lot of milk during let downs to where it sprays all over at times. I find it helpful to hand express or pump a little bit of milk out prior to feedings just to make for a better experience for my LO. My aunt had the same problem with her LO's and suggested putting ice on my nipple prior to feeds to help with the tenderness of the latch. I haven't tried that yet, but will think about it if need be for pain during those weeks when her latch is especially painful.
    It is nice to know I am not the only mama struggling to make breastfeeding work for her LO, sometimes I just feel like the odd ball out and that breastfeeding is supposed to be a piece of cake. Hearing other's is inspiring to keep trying.

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