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Thread: Fungus-gross, I know

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    I apologize, this is gross, but I'm trying to save a boat load of money by not seeing a doctor. I have a toenail fungus I'm trying to get rid of naturally. I've tried a few different topical things and today purchased some tea tree oil to put on my toenails. The lady who helped me find the TT oil recommended also taking oil of oregano orally as it is known to kill fungus. It never occurred to me to ask if that would be safe for breastfeeding. I've seen a few articles online that say oil of oregano would decrease my supply and other ladies writing that they take it all the time with no problem. Advice for treating this fungus and/or experience with oil of oregano?? My hubby said to take the oil and also do/ take stuff that's supposed to increase your supply...
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    call the motherisk helpline:


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