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Thread: I need HELP!

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    I have a 13 month old. Neither one of us are ready for weaning but I am having a HUGE problem. I am in so much, intense pain right now I don't know what to do. I thought it was j"just" a blocked duct so I did what I normally do for those (eat garlic, massage, nurse frequently). I got chills, achy, felt nasty, still had the pain. I have a hard, so tender, lump in my areola area. I have red streaks on my breast. I called a local resource they said to call my OB. I called my OB and he didn't think it was mastitis because my breast isn't adequately swollen enough and I'm not running a fever.
    I am literally sobbing and crying when I nurse right now because the pain is so horrendous. It hurts still when I'm not nursing, but not as badly.i cannot move because it hurts. Clothing on it hurts. I'm eating 2tbsp each of raw garlic and ginger (I'm allergic to ibuprofen so I was hoping that the ginger would help as an anti-inflammatory), taking tbsps of apple cider vinegar, I steeped ginger in hot water and have used a towel in that as a compress, I tried cabbage leaves, I have even tried putting the vinegar directly on my nipple.
    I am in so so so much pain. I know that may days of nursing are limited with this little one and I want to enjoy it. I don't want to give up, but I don't know what to do or how to make this better.
    Any help?

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    When I had mastitis I didn't have a fever but did have chills, achiness and fatigue. Anyway, it sounds like you are somewhere in the mastitis/pre-mastitis spectrum. Are you preferentially nursing on that side? I think you should definitely treat this like a plugged duct and keep working at it. Massage, gravity nursing (hanging the boob over LO to help empty it), getting in the shower and working on it, more massage, nursing in the shower (I've never tried that personally, but I've seen it suggested) - sometimes it takes a lot of work to get a plugged duct worked out. Do you pump at all? In general you don't want to do too much pumping at that side since that can increase supply and worsen engorgement, but sometimes I've found that some pumping can help drain out the plug. Hope you feel better soon! And I would have a low threshold to call your OB back if you are feeling worse.

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    It doesn't sound like your OB is very supportive of this. You know your body, and that something is WRONG. I would call your family doctor or go to a clinic for an in-person assessment. I know I'm not an expert, I don't think I've ever read anything about an 'adequate' amount of swelling for a diagnosis of mastitis!

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    Even though it hurts like heck, I am nursing that side first. I've also done the dangling boob. I do think that an in person assessment at a clinical will be in order. I'm by myself with both kids today and no one to watch them. Once my husband gets off of work I may be at the ER. I feel really silly thinking about it now, but even the thought if nursing makes everything hurt all over again.

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    I bet if the dr.'s testicles were hurting as bad as your boobs he would have gotten some relief PDQ. Get a second opinion if you can. I had thrush for 4 months and it was so bad I was in tears and started to dread nursing. It took two Rx for Diflucan and Grapefruit seed extract twice a day to get rid of it. I cannot imagine having mastitis. Hope you get better soon.

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    Default Mastitis WAS Re: I need HELP!

    Since it's been about 10 days, hopefully you're feeling better already? I've checked my Botanical Medicine for Women's Health textbook (tried to scan the page but the file was too big), and it suggests getting medical attention after 72 hours if symptoms worsen, abcesses form, or if treatment doesn't lead to adequate results. I can't remember, were you applying heat (compresses with ginger or chamomile, warm bath)? Resting, keeping your fluid intake up?

    Herbal suggestions (may be too late here?) include:
    --Poultice of freshly grated white potato 2-3 times a day, "remarkably effective in reducing pain blockage, and inflammation". Remove when it becomes warm, usually after 20 mins.
    --1/2 to 1 teaspoon echinacea tincture every 2-4 hrs depending on severity. "Continue for at least 24 hrs after all signs of illness are past. There are no known harmful effects related to Echinacea use during lactation."
    --"For high fever, hot elder blossom and spearmint infusion (5g of each herb steeped for 20 mins in a quart of boiling water, covered while steeping) can be taken, 2c consecutively, to help break a fever. . .These herbs are considered safe for short duration during lactation."
    --"Gentle antispasmodics such as lemon balm, chamomile and catnip may be sipped to relieve muscle tension associated with fever. . .There are no known harmful effects related to short-term use of these herbs during lactation."

    I'd better get going, but I also found it really helped to BF in a really relaxing situation - for us, in the warm bath. It was difficult to relax, thinking about the mastitis (which didn't get as bad as yours - fever sounds like there is/was an infection), but it helped get things moving somehow.

    I hope you are feeling better.

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