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Thread: Baby won't take a bottle

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    Default Baby won't take a bottle

    Hey everyone,

    My son is 3 months old and has been EBF since birth. Its been a long road but he loves nursing (especially comfort nursing) and has done really well with it. He weighs about 15lbs now (he was 7lbs when he was born), so obviously he's gaining well. My concern is that he absolutely refuses to take a bottle and I've recently started going back to school 2 days a week. I'm away for 5 hours both mornings and 3 and a half hours on thursday nights. His dad tries to give him the bottle, but he won't take it. My son will usually just wait until I get home so that he can nurse. We've tried tons of different bottles and nipples, but nothing works. Also, its hard for me to pump while I'm at school, so I'm worried that this is going to affect my milk supply, (even though I've always had an oversupply problem). So what can I do to get him to take a bottle? I don't want him to starve until I get home, and I'm sure his dad is at his wit's end. Should I be concerned that going to school well affect my supply? Is this even anything worth worrying about? I know babies are adaptable, but I don't want going back to school to hurt our wonderful breastfeeding relationship we've worked so hard to have. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I think your last statement is the key. Babies are really adaptable. my son is 6 months old. Three months ago I posted virtually the same question. Now little man has totally got the bottle thing down. He bottle feeds EBM when I'm out and nurses well when I'm with him. I would say, keep on keeping on. If he's getting enough feeds (and having wet/poopy diapers) in a 24 hour period, then it's okay if he doesn't eat much during the time with dad. I've heard that some babies will sleep for that long (no actual evidence at our house). Try to pump at least once during the separation to keep up supply. If you can't do it at school, can you do it in the car with a hands free gizmo? (doesn't work for me, but others can do it). As for his dad, I would be lavish with chocolate, thanks, and appreciation.

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    I had a similar issue with my now 5.5 month old son. The only bottle he will now regularly take is the platex drop ins with a latex nipple. I tried several different silicon ones and he refused every time. The first time we tried this one he took it instantly and has had no issue since. A lot of other people on other blogs swear by this one too. I can only find the nipple at babies r us tho. Also, I pump every morning in the car on my way to work with the medela hands free bra which saves soooo much time!

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    I went through the same thing! At 3-mos baby suddenly stopped taking the bottle. I think they know better by this age. We tried different nipples, and the latex one worked best (it's a NUK brand, orthopedic nipple labeled most compatible for breastfeeding). Best advice is just to keep trying, he will eventually take the bottle. Also, nursing right before you leave and right when you come back would help your supply if you can't pump at school (5-hrs is not that bad although make sure you won't get engorged and chance a plugged duct). I agree with PP, try to pump in the car (medela pumps have the battery pack and the suction is pretty good just on batteries, I've tried it!). Good luck!

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    Gah we are going through this with my 8mo old baby girl. She was taking about 6-8 oz every day while I was at work and now it has dropped down to 3 oz!!! Definitely not enough!!!
    I dont mean to hijack your thread, just letting you know that you aren't alone..

    We are going to try a faster flowing nipple (because my boobs are like Niagara Falls over here) and if that fails then we will be looking for a bottle with a latex nipple.

    good luck!

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    Default Re: Baby won't take a bottle

    I wouldn't stress over baby not taking a bottle if you're only gone five hours a couple days a week. He'll make up for it when you get home and it'll all work out as far as him getting enough. I bet once he is used to the new routine he will start to take the bottle with no problem. He may start waking more at night to eat, but that would be totally normal in that situation, making up for lost time. It will be good to help keep your supply up, too. Just feed him on demand when you are with him and keep an eye on his diapers and I think you'll be fine.

    I would definitely try to find time for you to pump during that time if you can, even just once for a few minutes. If you have a manual pump you won't even need a plug or anything.
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