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Thread: Baby missing only 1 feeding and I can't pump

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    Default Baby missing only 1 feeding and I can't pump


    I am a freelance writer and most of the time I just work from home. The project I am on now requires me to be in the office in the mornings and because I am a contract employee and the hours are short, I can't pump. Nor do I want to, to tell you the truth, I hate pumping. While I am working, one feeding gets dropped and the sitter has been giving her just a few ounces of goats milk formula to tie her over until I get back. She is almost a year old. My questions is, how long before my supply for this feeding is gone? If she is nursing during that time on the weekend, will she get anything? Could she feasably be drinking the milk from the missed feeding when I get home and therefore my supply won't go down at all?

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    Default Re: Baby missing only 1 feeding and I can't pump

    Most moms pump wean at a year (including those working full-time) and continue to breastfeed on weekends, evenings/nights/mornings without any problem. You should be fine.

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