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Thread: 11.5 month old eating too many solids?

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    Default 11.5 month old eating too many solids?


    My daughter will be a year old in a few weeks and her solids consumption has suddenly ramped up. She has always loved solids and we've struggled with balancing it with breastfeeding in the past. But now that she is so close to a year I am wondering if its finally ok? She breastfeeds 8-9 times in a 24hour period. One thing is, I slightly worry its related to my supply. Her poops have been firmer lately, more like, well, actual poop. They aren't dry turds but they are much drier. I recently went back to work very part time and I can't imagine it has effected more than 1 of her feedings. Should I scale back her food, give her water or milk? I occasionally give her goats milk formula if I feel like there is need, but she doesn't get water with meals because she mostly plays with it. She pees a lot and is always drooling so that make me think perhaps it isn't a liquids thing. What do you think? I should also add that her weight gain has ALWAYS been a concern, so I can't really tell by how much she is gaining either.

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    Default Re: 11.5 month old eating too many solids?

    I don't think there is such a think as eating too many solids. Your little one will tell you when she's full. Do you give her breastmilk before meals? Definitely do... Eating soids will bring firmer stools. This is completely normal and should not worry you. If she is constipated, she looks like she may be hurting when she poops or you think her stools are too firm, give her a couple ounces of 100% fruit juice after she is done eating. But ONLY a couple ounces. If you are concerned with weight gain, give her more milk instead. You don't want to get her hooked on juice, breastmilk/formula is more nutritional for her. It sounds like you are nursing plenty! I don't nurse that much with my 9 month old. Look at your diet Momma. Maybe you aren't getting enough fiber. Eat more fruit and greens (: Remember she is getting what you eat... Also you can try increasing her fiber intake with some pears or apples. Foods rich in fiber should balance out her stools.
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    Default Re: 11.5 month old eating too many solids?

    A lot of moms decide to limit solids for babies under a year, or babies a little over a year that are having a hard time gaining weight. Too many solids too soon can be associated with milk supply and thus weight gain problems.

    Babies ramping up their solids intake is often related to decrease in mom's supply. Your work schedule might not affect her nursing, but could it affect your stress level? Or maybe it's affecting other nursing sessions when you are at home, but working on laundry or dishes or dinner when you used to be available to nurse?

    Really the best way to increase your milk supply is to nurse more often That's hard when mom is back at work and baby is growing and moving a lot more!

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    Maybe you aren't getting enough fiber. Eat more fruit and greens (: Remember she is getting what you eat
    I don't think fiber in mom's diet converts to fiber in breastmilk ...?

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    Default Re: 11.5 month old eating too many solids?

    My LO overate when we were still eating gluten. Her weight has balanced out since then and I understand it can affect weight in both directions, depending on what your issues are. From what I understand, overeating something can often indicate a food issue (e.g. I used to *love* corn...and it turned out to be my worst food sensitivity).

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