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Thread: Plugged duct/milk blister

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    I have what I assume is a milk blister on my right nipple. In addition, I've felt some shooting pains in that breast for the past few days and my nipple is feeling sore. Wait, there's more! I also think I might have a plugged duct in that same breast. There's a lump that remains even after I nurse. Suffice it to say, my right breast has not had a good week. Any advice about any of the things I'm experiencing and what I can do to help any/all of them?

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    Hey there,

    Ihave suffered with clogged ducts and blebs (milk blisters) since my sweet girl was born 3 months ago! They are so painful and it seems like no matter what you do, it HURTS!! What I do is I get in the tub and s-o-a-k!! I feed my baby first to ensure she's full then I soak for a bit. Boobs all the way in!! After soaking for a bit, I hand express. I do this to push the bleb out or to the surface of the nipple. It can be painful, but you have to open the pore and get that bleb out to open the flow of milk up. I gotta say when you feel that bleb between your fingers, you'll understand how you get clogged. Also, nurse your baby with her nose pinting towards the clog. Message your breast as much as possible to get the clog loose. It does take time to come loose, but you will feel the difference!! Hope this helps.

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