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    My 2 month old adjusted, 4 month actual preemie finally ebf (for about a month) and still feeds every 2 hours round the clock. Is that normal? We cosleep so at night he dream feeds all night, it's not a problem but he really doesn't like going over 2 hours without eating at least a "snack". I have plenty of milk (had oversupply, got it to regulate finally) so never takes more than one breast. I can tell when he is comfort nursing and normally he really eats some, just don't know how much. Last Ped's apt gained a little less but has been consistently gaining almost 1 lb a month. 11 lbs 2 oz now....never ate more than 70ml at a time when bottle fed though. Small stomach? Helps his reflux? Just wanted some thoughts.

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    Normal. Breastmilk digests fast and infant tummies are tiny, so it's very common for young babies to go only 1-2 hours, or even less, between feedings. The idea that babies should feed less often than that comes from the feeding patterns of scheduled, formula-fed babies- and of course, schedules and formula are not normal for the human species!

    I am sure you're tired from the round-the-clock feeding, but it really is simply normal. Tiring, but normal. Tiring, but you won't regret it.

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