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Thread: Blood in Stool

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    Default Blood in Stool

    My 5 week old is nursing like a champ, and is a mellow, happy baby save for some fussiness at the "witching hour" between 5-7pm. He is growing like crazy:

    Birth: 8lbs 15oz
    Lowest: 8 lbs 12oz
    3 day: 8 lbs 15 oz
    3 week: 10 lbs 4 oz.

    Two or three times in the last few weeks, he's had some blood/mucous in his diaper. Most of the time he has yellow, liquid/seedy stools, but once or twice a day things will be more green, but never dark or neon, just more green than mustardy. He's probably had blood in his stools 3-4x in the last 2 weeks. Relatively small amount; definitely looks like colitis rather than bright blood like a fissure.

    I think I have some degree of over supply, but I haven't been really curbing it that much because I'm back at work and don't mind pumping extra. For instance, last night he fed at 2 and 4:30, 7AM and 7:45 and I still felt really full when I left for work. I pumped at 8:30 and got 6 oz total in about 7 minutes when I stopped the pump. I usually feel pretty full after about 2 hours if we are apart, because that's how often he feeds.

    Also, I love my dairy. I drink 8-10 oz of milk/day plus other dairy products. My older DS had some issues with cow milk; not when I was breast feeding but in his second year of life he'd get burpy and smell like cheese when he drank it, so he drank goat milk and did fine.

    I'm giving all this background because I think that either oversupply or dairy intolerance could be leading to this. I'm going to see his doctor about it, but what would you do? Try to get the oversupply into check (which is relatively mild) or eliminate dairy? I'm thinking dairy first, then oversupply, then other elimination stuff (I eat very little soy, etc). But I'd love to hear other's thoughts.

    He's a mellow, happy baby who is not bothered at all by this, and the actual volume of blood isn't that much (maybe a quarter sized, thin pinkish reddish stain?).

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    Default Re: Blood in Stool

    I'd do exactly as you are thinking: eliminate dairy first, then deal with oversupply, then other eliminations. Can't hurt, might help!

    I'm about to eliminate dairy myself; my DS2 has had very mucousy, very liquidy poops for weeks. (Seriously, when he poops, it's so liquid it shoots straight out of his diaper. Yuck.) His pedi suggested eliminating dairy and seeing if it helped. I'm very sad about that; I love cheese!

    Anyway, that's my two cents and over-sharing. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Blood in Stool

    Yeah, since you're back at work I think I would also work this from the dairy end of the spectrum. If dairy is the source of the problem, then you will solve your LO's poop issues and get to keep your modest oversupply. If you work this from the oversupply end, but the problem is actually dairy, then you still have to eliminate dairy and you'll have more work to do with the pump.

    Colitis/proctitis from oversupply is not, in my experience, a big problem. You get a fast-growing, generally happy baby who has some bloody poops which ultimately disappear.

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    I would echo what the others said and eliminate dairy - I am doing it for the same reasons as your concern, mucousy green poop with occasional traces of blood. I would add that it can take up to two weeks to see a difference in the consistency/color of the poop. I am going on a week and still no change. Also, my doctor told me to go ahead and cut out soy because it is in a lot of foods that we don't even realize. Now that I am reading labels, I can't believe just how many unassuming food products have soy in them. Just a thought for your consideration!

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