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Thread: 1 week old and milk supply

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    Smile 1 week old and milk supply

    Good morning,
    My little one is 1 week old and exclusively breast feeding. She has plenty of wet diapers and poopy diapers and is already back to her birth weight of 7lbs 11 oz. She has been feeding every 2-3 hours even at night the longest stretch is 3.5 hours. Average feeding time is 7-12 minutes on one breast alternating each feeding. Sometimes can get her to feed on both in between diaper change. Should I be pumping at this point to build reserves for when i go back to work? I no longer have engorgement which past 3 days ago. I do not want to loose my milk supply since she is feeding so well. (My first did not feed well at all and I had to resort to formula and pumping). My left seems to produce more milk than the r...i dont want to dry up on the r side...any input would be appreciated...thank you in advance

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    When do you go back to work? I would wait a bit longer before starting to pump if you can, as you don't want to end up with an oversupply.

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    I don't go back to work until beginning of April...

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    I agree with manitobamommy. It sounds like you are doing GREAT right now and this early on it is easy to pump your way into an oversupply. When you go back to work, your baby will need 1 - 1.5 ounces/hour for the first day back. So if you're going back to a 10-hour separation (for example), you need 15 ounces max. After that you pump each day for the next day. So starting to pump say a month in advance should be plenty of time to get what you need for the first day. At that time you can start pumping once a day after a feeding - often output will be best in the morning - and even if you only get half an ounce or an ounce, as is common in the beginning, you should still have plenty of time to accumulate what you need.
    In terms of not drying up the right side, as long as you keep alternating breasts (whether within feedings or between feedings), that should keep your supply relatively even. I used a safety pin in my bra to remind myself which side I was on. If you feel like there's an imbalance, you can favor the side that is producing less to even things back up again.
    Keep up the good work mama!

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    No pumping yet! Just enjoy nursing your baby for a while. Once you've mastered that, then you can start messing with pumps and bottles. 4-6 weeks. That's not long to wait, right?

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    Thank you for the feedback. It was very overwhelming with my first child and this time everything seems to be a better transition (latch, suck and feeding). I will hold off on anymore pumping and just keep up w the feeding every 2-3 hrs and let her rule the roost for awhile. Thanks again

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