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Thread: Dropping percentile points, even on WHO chart?

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    Default Dropping percentile points, even on WHO chart?

    I know it's common for BF babies to lean out during the second year, but does the WHO chart already account for that? What if baby has fallen a bit on that chart, as well?

    My daughter's partial weight history (cant remember 2 month checkup weight):

    Birth: 6lbs, 13oz
    5 day checkup: 6lbs, 10oz
    4 months: 13lbs, 10oz
    6months, 1 week: 15lbs
    7 months (weighed on Monday during a sick visit on 7 month birthday): 15lbs, 5oz

    Other info: I know I have plenty of milk. I can easily express after she's eaten. She's a VERY laid-back nurser. Never frantically hungry. I offer her to nurse far more often than she actually cues. She's at the breast about 10 times a day, including 2-3 times overnight. She will not eat more often - I'm maxing her out as it is. She had a period of time between 3-5 months when she was very fussy when nursing, but that's mostly over. She's been very distracible since 3ish months. I have to nurse her in a quiet dark room 90% of the time. Forget NIP - she won't do it. She had a PTT clipped around 3 months old, but we weren't told to do exercises, so I have no idea if it stayed apart. Her diapers are ok - at least 5 per day wets, usually 1-2 yellow, seedy poops.

    My older son is tiny, but he was a 26-week preemie who has had extensive feeding issues. We always assumed his size was due to those things, but now I wonder if I just have petite kids.

    I don't care if she's little, as long as she's healthy (which she is, aside from the RSV she has right now), but I don't want her to be undernourished.

    Is there anything of concern about her drop in percentiles?

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    Default Re: Dropping percentile points, even on WHO chart?

    The charts- both the new WHO charts and the old CDC charts- make it look like babies should always grow following those nice, smooth curves. But the truth is that babies don't grow that way. A baby's growth rate is changing all the time- and I don't just mean changing so it can follow the curve, in a calculus sense, but changing around a given curve. Sometimes the baby's growth will accelerate, sometimes it will slow down. It is entirely normal for healthy babies to shift percentiles no matter what chart you use.

    Both my girls went all over the charts, both the CDC and the WHO ones. DD1 started small (20th %ile, approximately) and then shot up to the 99-100th %ile by a few months, and was down to the 75-80th by a year. DD2 did more or less the same thing, but started somewhat larger than DD1.

    It sounds like you LO is fine!

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    Default Re: Dropping percentile points, even on WHO chart?

    The other thing I'd mention is that it's common for growth to slow down temporarily when babies are sick. RSV is a nasty virus. Hope she feels better soon.

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    Default Re: Dropping percentile points, even on WHO chart?

    Thanks for your replies and reassurance.

    Yes, RSV has been no fun. Thankfully, she seems to be on the upswing sooner than expected (yay breastmilk!) My two older kids also had/have it, including that ex-preemie I mentioned. Phew - glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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