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Thread: Self weaning possible for 1 y/o?

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    Default Self weaning possible for 1 y/o?


    My daughter will be 1 next Monday. She has ALWAYS loved solids and I have had to restrict them considerably in the past to keep her from reducing how much she nurses. Since around 8 months, her interest in breast feeding has been low. I frequently have to force her to nurse and a lot of the time I can still only get her to nurse well a few times a day (we still nurse 7-9 times in a 24 hour period). I am ready to stop forcing her. Do I need to keep forcing her? I don't think she will wean completely that soon, but I think given her own way, she would maybe nurse 4-5 times in a 24 hour period. Her best nursing session is her one waking in the night so I intend to keep that as long as she is interested. Today in particular was a struggle to get her to nurse. I think I offered about 7 times but most of these times she latched for a second and was done. I am pretty tired of fighting her and while I enjoy nursing, it wouldn't be the worst thing for me if it happened less. Would it be really bad for her if I just went with what she wanted from here on out? Is it too soon?

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    It's awesome that you kept offering despite your baby's apparent lack of interest! I know it's not easy when you want the baby to nurse and the baby has other things she'd rather be doing. Don't feel like you were "forcing" her to nurse- you can't force a breastfed baby to nurse! You can only offer- and then it's up to baby whether she nurses or not.

    At a year, you can definitely go down to just 4-5 nursing sessions per day. Think of all the babies who are completely weaned by or even before a year- I think you're fine to follow your LO's lead at this point! And maybe once breastfeeding is less stressful for both of you, she'll suddenly decide that she wants to nurse more, after all.

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    My 11 month-old is already starting to cut back on nursing. Since she's under a year I am still offering the breast before solids. But I think different babies make the progression to solid foods at different rates. My oldest was very disinterested in solids and very interested in the breast well past a year. This baby loves her solids a lot more. Sounds like your baby does too! I don't think it means she will necessarily wean completely, just that she has reached the point where solids make up more of her caloric intake a little sooner than some other babies. Since she's reached that 1 year point I think you can definitely keep offering but not feel like she HAS to nurse. As long as she is nursing 3 times/24 hours you don't need to add in other dairy. If she's not, you can either give cow's or goat's milk or other sources of dairy like cheese and yogurt. Congrats for getting to that 1 year mark!

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    I know how you feel! DD turned 1 a couple weeks ago and the last couple of months have been like you described for us too. I keep reminding myself I need to relax and follow her lead and that means some days she only nurses 3 times and other days its 6 or 7 times.
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