Kiddo just turned 1, and we are still co-sleeping and night nursing. No plans to stop that any time soon.

The problem lately is bedtime. I nurse, sing, and rock him to sleep in my arms, then put him down in his crib because DH and I aren't ready to go to bed that early. We're fine with bringing DS into bed with us when we go to bed, but we'd really like some adult time in the evenings to be together!

But lately DS is being harder to put down - he wakes up when I try to put him down in the crib, and wants to be cuddled. And if I do manage to put him down ok (did it tonight) then he just wakes up within an hour and his cries sound really really upset. He is teething at the moment, but DH thinks there's also separation anxiety going on... so how do I deal with bedtimes without making separation anxiety worse? Is leaving the room after he's asleep, so that he wakes up alone in his crib, making him hate his crib? I've been caving in and picking him back up when he fusses at being put down, and last night I just ended up staying in bed with him until DH was ready to come to bed. Am I making this issue worse?

In the morning when I leave for work it goes fine, and even for the 1-2 days he cried while I left, I just said goodbye and went, but I knew he was staying with his Daddy who would comfort him. And now he's perfectly happy when I say goodbye in the morning and loves to go to his Dad (SAHD, god bless).

But night time seems so different -- do I have to say goodnight and leave him in his room alone? Advice please!