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Thread: 2 months of thrush and it's getting worse

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    Default 2 months of thrush and it's getting worse

    I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.

    I had thrush with my 1st son for 2 months and I ended up quitting breastfeeding because of it when he was 7 months old. I had blood in my milk it was so bad.

    Now I'm on baby #2. My son was born Oct 29th and I was put on antibiotics at about 2 weeks postpartum which may have caused the thrush. I have had thrush since about mid-November. I started by using gentian violet at the onset of the pain. I rinsed my nipples with GSE diluted in distilled water after every feeding and swabbed the baby's mouth with it. I went to the doctor Nov 27th and she saw white patches inside the baby's mouth and inside of the cheeks and prescribed me 100mg diflucan 2x per day and nystatin cream for my nipples. She didn't prescribe anything for the baby because he was still dealing with jaundice. (I knew this was a mistake at the time and I'm kicking myself now)

    I removed all sugar from my diet. Honestly, I read every label and I hardly consume ANY sugar, even the natural sugar found in fruits. I am a vegetarian. I only consume whole wheat and I've limited that for the past month. I don't drink caffeine or alcohol. About 2 weeks ago I insisted they give my son diflucan as well, and his mouth is totally clear now. He is also on infant probiotics once a day.

    In addition, I am on probiotics. I now rinse my nipples with a vinegar/water mix instead of the GSE mix. No reason, i just figured I should try something else. I use the nystatin cream about twice a day. I did a 3 day course of gentian violet 2 weeks ago just to give that a try again. I wash EVERYTHING in hot water with vinegar - breast pads, burp cloths, blankets, bras, his clothing, my clothing, towels, bibs - everything. I use a new towel every day for showering and hand towels are replaced daily. I use cotton breast pads and change them after every nursing session, approx every 2 hours. I sleep in just a t-shirt at night. I boil all pump parts and bottles for 10 minutes after every single use. He doesn't use a pacifier at all. I have used coconut oil on my nipples. I just ordered some GSE pills tonight that will arrive Thursday. I have even sat in the sun with my breasts exposed to the sunlight for 20 minutes at a time.

    About 2 weeks ago I really felt like it had gone away. I was symptom free for a solid week. But then it just came back on the right side only and it's slowly built to this intense state that its at now. I get a burning hot pain hours after nursing. Latch on is painful. I noticed when I swabbed on the vinegar/water mix or the gentian violet, one little spot on the nipple would burn intensely but I see no broken skin, no redness. There is no blood in the milk I express. The skin itself looks healthy. It was not this bad a couple of weeks ago! I am on my 4th bottle of diflucan! They are 2 week rounds. So that's 4 solid weeks of diflucan.

    I feel like I have done everything possible. My doctor doesn't know what to do. He got me an appointment with a dermatologist (?!?!) but it's not for 3 more weeks. I've worked with my hospital's lactation consultant but she is out of ideas.

    Any insight you have would be very helpful. I'm just not even sure what type of doctor to try to contact about this kind of thing. I DON'T want to quit breastfeeding because I'd still have to get rid of this thrush!

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    Default Re: 2 months of thrush and it's getting worse

    I understand your pain and went through it myself for a good month because I pushed off getting into the doctor's office. Yes antibiotics will cause this, unfortunately... If you know you are getting on one, go ahead and ask for diflucan and nystatin because it's likely to happen again. Or just don't get on them unless you HAVE to. I've had thrush twice in my son's 9 months. Here is what I have learned. Treat your baby and YOURSELF immediately at the first sight of discomfort. Fill and save any refills of nystatin for the next time you may need it. You and your baby should get on nystatin together. I used it while on the diflucan as well. I washed my nipples with the vinegar solution and put it on my nipples after EVERY nursing session. Just be sure that they are completely dry first before putting on the nystatin. Also use only enough cream to cover. Do not put nursing pads over your nipples until they are dry. Make sure you take some cotton balls and a small container of vinegar solution with you if you are away from home. Every nursing session leaving your nipples uncleansed counts! I can't believe that doctor didn't give your baby nystatin when she clearly saw thrush in his mouth. Be sure to continue treatment of nystatin for 2 weeks after symptoms clear. Cannot stress this enough. If it's time to nurse baby on the most painful side, put a little aquafor on first to protect your nipples. Give him the other breast first until you feel the tingle in that breast letting you know the milk is flowing then switch him. He won't have to suck so hard because the milk is already there. Drink lots and lots of water and take vitamin C. Let the dishes and laundry go and REST momma. Your body needs rest to heal. I hope this helps! and you get better soon.

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    Default Re: 2 months of thrush and it's getting worse

    Gosh, you've been a trooper! Thrush since November...

    Since you had antibiotics and the baby had oral thrush, I don't doubt that you're still dealing with thrush. But I also think it makes sense to review this link on vasospasm: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...ple-blanching/ Vasospasm can cause a burning pain which is often mistaken for thrush, and if a mom has tried literally everything to get rid of thrush but still has burning pain... You get my drift. Another reason to look into vasospasm is that it's winter in the northern hemisphere, and cold often makes vasospasms worse or brings them on in the first place.

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    Default Re: 2 months of thrush and it's getting worse

    i just wanted to say how sorry i am that you are going through this. breastfeeding should be a pleasurable experience and this just takes it away. I got my first expereince with thrush 2 weeks ago and im just finishing up my diflucan now but feel it may be coming back to me. my daughter never had anything in her mouth. we are doing everything under the sun as well and it makes so angry that we cant beat this. its really not fair, esp to women like us who truly want to breastfeed our babies. anyone else would have given up. i dont have any other advice. i cant believe the diflucan you have been on and its still not working. i hope you find something that helps really soon.

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    Default Re: 2 months of thrush and it's getting worse

    As another long-time thrush sufferer, I feel your pain! Especially when you've been pain-free for a bit, and it comes back. It sounds like you truly are doing everything that's recommended for beating it. I would strongly suggest emailing Dr. Jack Newman and relating your experience. He is pretty quick about answering, and hopefully he will have some other ideas for how to get rid of it. I've also read in places that echinacea and garlic pills help tp get everything in balance. It's good that you're getting the GSE capsules. Unfortunately, it's easy to spend a ton of money trying to get rid of this nasty little stuff :/

    I also see that you didn't mention using the all-purpose nipple cream that Dr. Newman suggests. Have you tried it? If not, it would be worth calling your doc and asking for a script. The anti-fungal might help, and the steroid will help with your pain. http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...tion&Itemid=17 This link explains what's in it and how your doc should write the script.

    I also agree with mommal that there could be an element of vasospasm at play.

    Please keep us posted on how this goes. We're rooting for you to beat this!

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    Default Re: 2 months of thrush and it's getting worse

    Well I saw a dermatologist today that my primary doctor referred me to. She said she's pretty sure my thrush is probably gone but all the stuff I had to put on the nipples to get rid of the thrush probably dried out the skin. So even though it's not visible, I probably have very small cracks and broken skin on the nipple which can cause bacterial infection or just inflammation. Last night my LC called me and told me about all purpose nipple ointment - also mentioned above, thank you carm3! - so I printed out the information fro the nbci website and brought that with. After we talked I showed her that info and told her that was the ONLY remedy I hadn't tried and she says it had every ingredient she would have recommended and she was certain that would get rid of the pain. I had to go to a compounding pharmacy and and they have to order some of the ingredients for me so I don't get the ointment till monday but whatever! At least I have SOME answers. Even if it doesn't work, at least it was something else to try. I had been feeling like I had really tried everything. Hopefully this works, I'll be sure to update if it works or not!!!

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    Default Re: 2 months of thrush and it's getting worse

    It sounds like your on the right track anyway, but if the ointment doesn't work try going bra-less, no breast pads, just a loose tshirt or tank top. It's embarrassing, especially when your breasts leak, but it worked for me after nothing else would.

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