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    My son is 11 weeks and exclusively breastfed until now. He is doing and growing well. I have to go through a medical procedure tomorrow that requires me to take medication that is not good while breastfeeding, so I will have to pump and dump for about 18 hours. I have 8 ounces of expressed breast milk stored up, but will have to supplement the rest with formula. Are there any tips on how best to feed the baby? Should I intersperse the breast milk and formula at different feedings, switch half way through feedings or just go through the breast milk first and switch to formula when I run out?
    Thanks so much! This forum has been a great resource for me!

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    Before you pump and dump, contact the Infant Risk center http://www.infantrisk.com/, (806)-352-2519. Moms are often given overcautious advice concerning medications and breastfeeding, and it is possible that you don't need to pump/dump at all or that you don't need to do so for the full 18 hours.

    If you need to use formula, ideally you will offer breastmilk and formula in seperate bottles, since the storage guidelines for breastmilk and formula are very different; unused formula must be discarded while unused breastmilk can be reused. I don't know if there's any additional advice I can give that's guaranteed to be useful- it all sort of depends on whether or not your baby will take a bottle of formula!

    Good luck tomorrow!

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