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Thread: struggling to nurse 8 mo old while pregnant

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    Default struggling to nurse 8 mo old while pregnant

    This is the second time I have been nursing & pregnant, but last time it went a little more smoothly. Also DS was a couple months older than my YDS is now.
    So, my baby is now 8 mo old. Ever since I got my BFP (5-6 weeks ago) we have been struggling off & on. Good days off & on but in the last couple of weeks its really been more bad days. Right now he is also stuffed up from a cold so I don't know what to attribute to what, I just know both of us are very very frustrated.
    He is my third baby and I breastfed my ODS's until they were each a year old. I am really not interested in weaning. I want to get through this but I don't know how.

    Basically he is not wanting to latch at all and then if I can get him to, he will only nurse for a few minutes at a time. The only good nursing session we are having is first thing in the morning. I am only giving him solids morning & evening and I am nursing right before feeding him solids. Haven't increased the solids since before I was pg. Developmentally he is doing great, but he is not really gaining right now.

    The other complication we have is that he has major constipation issues and we have been referred to a gastroenterologist and right now he is on meds for that and he is supposed to be getting 4 oz of prune juice a day bc otherwise he just completely stopped pooping. So, I am also worried about those 4 oz of totally empty calories.
    Does anybody have advice? How do I know if I am being selfish by forcing him to continue to nurse? Though he is not always fussy or acting hungry, he also does not really seem "satisfied" after(IF!) he does his 5 min nursing session.
    I am a very seasoned & experienced nurser and it just kills me that I feel so helpless...

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    Default Re: struggling to nurse 8 mo old while pregnant

    You're NOT being selfish by continuing to nurse! My goodness, nursing is the most selfless thing a mom can do, especially during pregnancy when her body is already working overtime.

    How do you feel about your milk supply at this point? Most women lose some or all supply during pregnancy, and it's possible that your LO is uninterested in nursing at least in part because the supply just isn't there. Of course, he's also sick, probably teething, and at a super-distracted age... So all those things could also account for his lack of interest.

    If your supply isn't keeping up with your LO's needs, then I think you probably need to add some formula to his diet. Until a year, it's supposed to be breastmilk or formula as the baby's majority source of nutrition, with solids just for fun with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. And I really HATE to make that suggestion to a mom whose baby is already struggling with constipation, because formula can stop a baby up. Which is why it's awesome that you've continued to nurse- breastmilk, even in small amounts, is great for making a baby's poop soft and easier to pass.

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    Default Re: struggling to nurse 8 mo old while pregnant

    Constipation can be a sign of not being ready for solids yet. How much solids is he having? How many wet diapers in 24hrs? Other then the 4oz of juice a day is he getting water?
    Talk more about the constipation? Is it hard dry pellets? How often?
    Its not uncommon for babies to wean during pregnancy. The milk flavor changes, its not uncommon to have little to no supply from the hormone changes, although thats usually a little later in pregnancy. You may need to look into donor milk or formula.

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    Default Re: struggling to nurse 8 mo old while pregnant

    I am so sad, it has been another really rough day. Dug into my freezer for frozen milk to help him out. Yes, I do think I have a supply issue. I pumped this morning while he was taking a nap, got less than an oz. Then gave him the defrosted milk, he took about 3 oz...then 2 hours after the first pumping session I tried again and was unable to even get a drop. I am so devastated, I have never struggled like this before and I can't believe I'm going to have to supplement. I have enough stored to supplement for probably a month or so but I guess after that it will have to be formula. I did call a private LC in our area and am going to hopefully have her come tomorrow just in case she can think of anything else to help us out.

    Constipation-He is on 7.5ml of Lactulose morning & night plus 4 oz prune juice daily. With this setup it is playdoh consistency (which still seems too solid for me). If we forget a dose, we get to rabbit pellets and that's how it was prior to the medication. I am giving him a sippy cup with water to play with a couple of times a day but so far he totally does not get the sippy so I don't think he's really drinking it. I "make" all his babyfood--steam the veggies, mash the fruit or whatever and I avoid anything constipating (kid has never had a banana). He does the solids just twice a day and I limit him to 3 cubes at each. He always wants more but I have held him back because I know he primarily needs milk. We did not start solids until he hit 6 mo. I am only 9 weeks pregnant & the constipation started immediately (so prior to the pregnancy).

    I am not sure about his wet diaper count. But I am beginning to wonder if my low supply has added to his constipation.

    I have never had to supplement and I literally don't know "how" ... do I give him a bottle after he nurses? Do I cut out a session and give him a bottle during that time? Do I pump when he's being supplemented? I would like to keep getting him as much BM as possible so I'd like to do whatever method will help me keep whatever my supply is for the longest. I nursed my oldest when I was pregnant with #2 and we had none of these issues.

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