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Thread: You ladies ROCK! Thank you

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    Default You ladies ROCK! Thank you

    I wanted to log on and say thank you, thank you, thank you to all the ladies who respond to posts, and are so knowledgeable about all things breastfeeding. Because of all your posts, links, recommendations I was able to successfully navigate my way through the last six weeks of breastfeeding and a push for formula.

    Starting a few months before my lo birth I poured over 25+ pages of old posts. Taking notes, reading links. When my lo was born I nursed with skin to skin contact right away, however he was a lazy lil nurser and it took us quite sometime to latch. Having to have his blood sugar checked for a stupid state standard (born at 8lb 6 oz at 39+6 weeks he measured big on a sliding scale, if he was born 5 hours later, his weight would have been considered normal) blood sugar was normal, yet his nurse kept pushing formula so his sugar wouldn't be low. We told her we were EBF and would only give him formula at the point of need. She came in every 2 hours, and really pushed formula, we had to push back and tell her no. His blood sugar check, normal. Every single test. And he was BARELY nursing. But because of all you share, and all my reading, I knew how rich my colostrum was, and he was fine.

    Thank you for the confidence boost! We've been through horribly cracked nipples, non stop nursing, growth spurts, lazy nursing, non stop nursing, did I mention non stop nursing! lol And hes doing great!

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: You ladies ROCK! Thank you

    Welcome to the forum! And thanks for sharing your awesome story! It must have been really hard to say "No" to the formula when the nurse was pushing so hard. I am impressed that you stayed so strong.

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    Default Re: You ladies ROCK! Thank you

    Thanks for sharing your story!

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    Default Re: You ladies ROCK! Thank you

    Welcome, and good for you for pushing back against the formula! Also... the nonstop nursing does come to an end, eventually! Keep up the good work!

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