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Thread: Totally Uneven Breasts(feeding)

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    Smile Totally Uneven Breasts(feeding)

    I have always BF more on one side than the other, but now it is about 95%/5%. It staried because my son (now 9 1/2 mos) always preferred one side, I did not make a concerted effort to be even, and by the time I checked, there was definitely more milk coming out of the MAIN side. Over time, it has become habit to always start with the main side. We co-sleep and he is always on the same side, so it is much easier to nurse at night on the one side. What I wonder is: "should I not even bother with the LOW side or make a concerted effort to really work on it and try to even out the 2 sides?" I am a bit conscious of the difference in breast size, but honestly, I doubt most people notice, partly since I am pretty small chested. Does anyone else have the same situation going on?
    Thanks, Debbie

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    Debbie, This hasn't happened to me but I have a good friend with the same situation and she has nursed four children well into toddlerhood, all healthy. She says her breasts look lopsided but as far as I can tell they look perfectly fine. My dd actually prefers my smaller breast LOL.

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