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Thread: Inconsistent Pumping Amounts

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    Default Inconsistent Pumping Amounts

    Hello --

    I typically pump 3 times a day at work (around 9am, noon and 3:30.) I notice that in the morning I get about 4 oz. , then at lunch around 3 oz, and maybe 2 at the afternoon session. When I nurse my son on the weekends - is that as much as he is getting each time he eats as well? Am I giving him enough milk nursing? Is there anything i can do to increase the lunch/afternoon pumping session? I typically nurse on one side in the morning when we wake up and pump the other (which goes to my daycare stash) and get between 3-4 oz.

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    Totally normal. Most women find that milk supply fluctuates over the course of the day, with most moms producing the most milk in the wee hours of the night and early in the morning, and lower amounts as the day goes on.

    Babies tend to be far better at draining the breast than even the best pump, so your LO probably gets more than 2 oz when he nurses in the afternoon. Not that he necessarily needs it; breastfed babies tend to consume relatively small amounts when they nurse (usually 2-4 oz, max), making up for the small size of the average feeding by nursing more frequently.

    If you want to increase that afternoon pumping amount, the usual remedies are:
    - make sure your pump is in tip-top working condition, replace membranes, get motor checked
    - make sure you have properly sized shields
    - try using a better pump
    - pump more frequently (not always possible during the workday!!!)
    - try giving your supply a boost with herbs like fenugreek, blessed thistle, and oatmeal (note: herbs are typically nowhere near as effective at increasing supply as increased nursing/pumping)

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