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Thread: How often to replace white membranes for Medela pis

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    Default How often to replace white membranes for Medela pis

    When are these supposed to be changed out? I usually get 4-5 oz at 10 am, 2-2.5 at 12, then 3-3.5 at 2 pm when I pump at work with an old PIS (waiting to get a new PISA from insurance). I've been using the current set for the past 3 months and this has been the pattern this whole time so not sure I need to change them since they lay flat. I use my freestyle at home when I pump in the morning. Turns out having to wash all those freestyle parts at work was more cumbersome than washing the PIS parts (mainly drying was difficult) and my friend gave me her old pump so I figured I'd just keep that one at work.

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    Default Re: How often to replace white membranes for Medela pis

    Some moms recommend changing them periodically. Personally I only change mine when I lose one down the sink - that's happened twice in the last 10 months (so basically I've changed the pair once so far). You have good pump output and if you haven't seen a change I don't think you need to change them. I agree, washing the freestyle parts is a pain. But you don't actually need to wash them at work - you can just throw them in a ziploc bag and stick them in the fridge. Or even leave them out at room temperature. That said, I've had a much easier time with my PISA (which I used for babies 1 and 3) than with the freestyle (which I used for baby 2).

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