My son is 10 months and is at daycare about 8.5 hours per day. He is away from me 4 days/week and usually takes three 3oz bottles.

Most days when I pick him up, he still has 2oz in his third bottle. I'm thinking maybe I'll start giving him two 4oz bottles - maybe at 10am and then that he's ready to nurse when I pick him up?

Not sure if it matters, but he nurses 4-5 times a day once we are back together-morning, after work, before bed, and 1-2x per night. I think he's getting enough.

Do you think it's okay to switch to 2 bottles at this point, or should I keep it at 3? Am I over thinking? Switching to two bottles would be easier for me, obviously it's easier to pump 8oz instead of 9oz and there would be less bottles to wash.