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Thread: Decrease in number of feedings... Should I be concerned?

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    Default Decrease in number of feedings... Should I be concerned?

    My almost 10 weeker has been nursing well. He has gained 5 pounds since birth, and was nursing every 2-2.5 hours with 1 long stretch at night.

    He had shots last week, and has maybe been a little more sleepy, but was still nursing on a similar schedule. The past couple days, I feel like he is eating A LOT less. I have OALD so he rarely comfort nurses, and will really only nurse if he is hungry. Lately it seems though, I cannot get him to latch unless he is STARVING. When he does latch on, he eats fairly well.

    In the past 24 hours:

    Nursed at 1030 am

    Nursed a shorter than average session at 1230

    Shorter than average nursing session at 230

    fussy around 430, REFUSED to latch, fell asleep

    nursed well at 530 when he woke

    offered 630 before BT - not really interested

    ate again 745 pm

    slept till 4 am (this is a little above average, but he usually has a 6-8 hour stretch)

    ate again at 545

    Offered at 7 am - Refused

    ate well at 9

    very short nursing session at 1130 (had to interrupt to put my toddler to nap), when I came back to try again he wouldn't have it.

    At all the times he refused to eat, he is content as soon as I take him out of the nursing position. It almost seems as if he is way more tired than usual. He's not usually a day napper, but has been sleeping more these past couple days. I feel like he is tired, and just can't deal with the OALD. But I worry he is not eating enough. I'm not really sure what I can do though. He is making wet diapers, and is happy when awake...I'm worried about my milk supply!

    I did offer him a bottle of pumped milk yesterday for the first time in quite a while, which he gagged on and didn't accept, but could that cause all this? What can I do. He gets so pissed when I offer the breast

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    Default Re: Decrease in number of feedings... Should I be concerned?

    Its not uncommon for babies to become more efficient at emptying the breast. Some become quick nursers. Some like to only nurse when the flow is faster so you could try breast compressions to maintain his interest. But it might be useful for you to count his wet and dirty diapers to get an idea of whether he is still getting enough milk.
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