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Thread: Need ideas for gentle nightweaning for 17mo

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    Default Need ideas for gentle nightweaning for 17mo

    Hi mommies,

    My son is 17mo and nurses regularly, including overnight. This was fine when we were co-sleeping but recently he decided that he prefers his toddler bed and so I'm either up quite a bit overnight or trying to sleep scrunched up in a too-short-for-me bed and without disturbing Elmo and other close friends who tend to join us now and then... needless to say this is getting old fast. I would love for him to sleep through the night but right now the pattern seems to be bedtime, nurse around 11, nurse around 2, nurse around 5, plus occasional wakings. Sometimes he'll sleep 5 hrs the first stretch... sometimes.

    Any ideas for gentle night weaning? We've tried having papa take the first couple wakings but after 2 or 3 tries he is usually pretty insistent for milk. It varies how much he nurses in terms of for comfort v snacking during the night. He is great w his food during the day so I'm not worried about his nutrition. I think he just likes to nurse! Which is great, but I'd like to sleep! Would love some advice and btdt.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Need ideas for gentle nightweaning for 17mo

    Are you familiar with the Dr. Jay Gordon method? It's not cry-free, but it is relatively gentle and intended for a cosleeping family. If you google it, you should find it. We used that with our son and it worked for us. There was some crying involved though.

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