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Thread: Lop sided and still feeding!

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    Question Lop sided and still feeding!

    I have been feeding my daughter for 14 almost 15 months now and have done well so far with a few normal hurtals, but recently she has only wanted to feed from my left breast and that has caused a problem. I know i should have made her use the other breat more but i guess i didnt notice till there waaas a difference in my breasts before i realized what i was doing... now i'm still breast feeding but the right side is 2 sizes smaller than the left... however they r both still producing milk. is there any way to maybe increase the supply in the right breast wile decreasing the size in the left breast. i just want to try to even them up before i stop breast feeding. i just started work again and while the left breast incrases and fills with milk wile im away from her the other barely does at all... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!! It is highly noticable.

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    This link on lopsidedness covers what to do: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/lopsided/

    Basically, you increase stimulation to and milk removal from the underperforming breast, using baby if possible and pump if not. More stimulation should eventually bring the lazy right breast back up to speed!

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    been trying that with a small amount of sucess maybe i just need to be more patient. thank you so much!

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