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Thread: Pain while nursing for the first time? Teething?

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    Default Pain while nursing for the first time? Teething?

    Hi ladies, My LO just turned 1 two weeks ago and for the first time in our nursing relationship (I know I've been so lucky!) I am having some nipple pain while nursing. It is just on the left side. It has been happening a few days, maybe a week now. It wasn't so bad at first and I thought it was just her growing/getting teeth and changing latch, but it is getting worse and now I seem to have some plugged ducts on that side as well. She is nursing about every hour at night, I think because of teething, so I nursed most of the night on that side and the ducts seem to get better, but after a few hours without nursing this morning they are back.

    It may still be latch/teeth etc, but I just thought I would see if anyone has any suggestions on how to reposition or fix it? Nursing laying down is a bit better, but at this point, there is still a little pain with that too. I thought it was strange that it was just the one side too. Any thoughts would be great!
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    Default Re: Pain while nursing for the first time? Teething?

    You have done so awesomely well this year!

    What you describe sounds very much like what happens with teething, when baby starts using you to soothe her sore gums. The plugged ducts and pain may stem from a nipple bleb/blister- see this link: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplebleb/

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