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Thread: I am a pacifier - baby 5 months

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    Exclamation I am a pacifier - baby 5 months

    Hi, my 5 month old daughter is using me as a pacifier. She will not take any store bought pacis and subsequenly does not take naps bc she wakes once she realizes she is no logger nursing. Anyone have similar issues? She literally does not nap all day long and nurses for extended periods of time. I am hoping to get her on a nap schedule soon.

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    It sounds like you have a baby who has a need to be with you, as much as she needs your milk! This can be challenging

    One thing I have done to help my little one nap on his own is to lie down next to him (nursing) then gradually slip away. If he starts to fuss again, I just go right back to nursing again, then try to slip away again. This is nice because there is no "transfer-to-bed wake-up". Sometimes I get a little nap in myself.

    It can be hard when you have a lost of things to get done during the nap! I have found when I switch it around mentally, thinking of things I can do when the baby wakes up, I don't get as frustrated.

    Non-nutritive sucking (using you as a paci) is a normal part of breastfeeding. I have found that when I accept that and allow it, my baby senses that he has open access to me and thus is less needy. Sometimes! Other times he spends most of the day nursing and I have to focus on accepting that some days are nursing days!

    Have you used a sling or carrier before? Some babies nap well in those, though a five-month-old can get heavy. Sometimes the baby gets good and asleep in a carrier and then transfer to bed at that point.

    Good luck!

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    I think my baby and yours would get along well My little guy now has the head control to be in the ergo carrier on my back. I feed him then strap him on. Sometimes he tays awake, sometimes he falls asleep, but at least he's close and content while I do what I need to do. Also, I sometimes sneak away like PP.

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    Is she teething?

    And will she sleep in a sling, swing, stroller, or car? My LOs have both been very reliant on motion for naps.

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    My baby was the same way until he figured out how to suck his thumb, yay! When this started he put it in his mouth while riding in the car and soothed himself to sleep. I began carrying his baby blanket with him everywhere we went. Now he is fine in the car and in others arms with his blanket and thumb in the mouth. It used to break my heart hearing him cry in the car. Now that thumb is his pacifier. I can't remember the age this happened, he is 9months old now. I believe it was right before 6months because he is sucking his thumb in his 6mth pictures, lol. Does she have a blanket that could be her special blanket or and soft bear she likes? This is also important if you ever want her to learn to go to sleep on her own when you're ready to brave that battle (; She needs to be able to soothe herself with something on her own. We went with a blanket I found that was silky on the ends. My first son clung to a blanket with fringes on the ends and a soft bear as well. Your daughter should be figuring out some sort of nap schedule soon. Just listen to her and do what works for you, good luck!

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    Teething is happeninv. She does nap on the go occasionally but does not like the swing! Thanks for the reply

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    That is a good idea I should wear her more often

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    Thank you

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