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Thread: suggestions for building supply........

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    So I was planning on going back to work in the middle of Feb. when my LO is 10 weeks old however I have noticed that he is a BIG eater!!! He gained 2lbs and grew 2 inches in his first month!!! This is new to me as my first child (now 2.5yrs) was a slow weight gainer and didn't eat as much so my milk supply was in full swing and I was able to keep up with him for a year. I DO NOT want to supplement with formula and I am making plenty of milk to support him while home all day with him. I just need some ideas for a pumping schedule to help get my frozen supply up as I am thinking I will only be able to pump on my lunch break at work (I work in the public school setting as a behavioral aide for emotional support students). I am thinking I am going to take the whole month of Feb. off and return when he is 12wks to give my self that extra time with him and to have that extra time to build supply. Any tips would greatly be appreciated. I want to be successful with this little guy too!!!

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    The fact that your first LO gained slow and wasn't a big eater did not preserve your milk supply nor enable you to keep up with him for a year. Nor does the fact that your second LO is gaining faster and is a big eater mean that you're going to run low on milk. Milk supply is created and maintained by demand, and all babies will be able to maintain an adequate supply for their needs provided they are allowed to nurse on demand.

    Have you started pumping yet? If not, try starting by pumping once a day, after your first morning feeding, and see how much you get. If it's a couple of oz, then you're well on your way to building a stash that's going to be sufficient for the first day back at work. Remember, a baby needs only around 1.5 oz per hour of separation from mom, regardless of his size! If you don't get much, then start by consistently pumping at the same time of day and see if you get an increase after a few days. And if that still isn't getting you the milk you need, add in more pump times.

    The only thing that I'd worry a bit about is your job set-up. People who teach school tend to have a hard time finding pumping time- after all, what are they going to do, leave a classroom of children who need their attention just because they need to pump? You might want to think about getting a hands-free set-up and car adapter so that you can pump on the way to and from work, in addition to your single pump opportunity during the workday.

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