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Thread: ffld and how to get LO to take more milk at a feeding?

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    Default ffld and how to get LO to take more milk at a feeding?

    my LO is nursing every 1-2hours during the day, then a 4-6hr stretch (10pm-4am) if we're lucky but after that it's 1-2hrs again.. I think I need to get her to take more at a feeding, any suggestions?

    I had thought that my milk supply must be sorting itself out by now (at 15 weeks) but reviewing the list of forceful letdown symptoms I realize she still does all these things (http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/)

    A local LC had told me to hand express before feeding so she wouldn't be getting so much formilk so I did and her green poop started to be yellow again, but I stopped because I thought I might be increasing my supply. The poop is still yellow but she rarely nurses beyond the first letdown and based on pumping one time I don't think she's getting more than 2-3oz each time she nurses. She takes short naps and gets bad gas and fusses a lot still. I'd hoped by now all this stuff would be getting better!

    Any suggestions would be great

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    Default Re: ffld and how to get LO to take more milk at a feeding?

    For the forceful letdown you need to have baby on top for all feedings. You can lay down or sit reclined. You can also try sidelying. If the symptoms don't improve try taking her off when you let down, spray into a towel then relatch her and let her eat. If still no improvement hand express just until the letdown stops spraying then latch baby on.
    As ro the frequent feeding i think its related to the OAL it can make them very uncomfortable and they nurse to get relief, while temporary, from the symptoms. Try helping her handle the letdown better and see if it improves.
    Taking 2-3oz per feeding is really normal range. Some feeding they can take as little as a third of an ounce other times as much as 5oz in varying times.

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    Default Re: ffld and how to get LO to take more milk at a feeding?

    frequent nursing actually helps with ffld symptoms. So keep that in mind.

    Do you have true overproduction? If you do, have you tried block nursing to reduce production? You still nurse frequently, but have baby stay on the same side for two or more feedings. It's all in that kellymom article.

    A little hand expression prior to feedings is probably not going to increase production much, BUT I also think it sounds like a pain. If the only thing it helped was the color of the poops, it is probably not worth it.

    Very frequent nursing can just be normal. Even in a 3 month old. Getting that longish sleep stretch at night is a big plus and not all that common. If you are getting frustrated with the frequency let us know what it is preventing you from doing and I bet there will be some good ideas.

    I agree with pp on the other ways to help with ffld. Especially the baby on top!

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    Default Re: ffld and how to get LO to take more milk at a feeding?

    I don't think that she's nursing frequently because she's not taking "enough" at a feeding- I think she's doing it because breastfed babies usually take small, frequent feedings instead of large, infrequent ones. 2-3 oz per feed is normal intake throughout the first year. The idea that babies should go long periods between feeds and should sleep through the night- that idea comes from the feeding patterns of formula-fed, scheduled babies. It's just not normal for an infant to go long periods without eating.

    At this point, "sleeping through the night" is defined as one stretch of 5-6 consecutive hours of sleep. You're getting that, so IMO it makes sense to find a way to make your nighttime parenting easier. Go to bed when the baby goes to bed. Sleep with the baby so that you can feed in bed, hopefully in a semi-sleeping state, rather than getting all the way up.
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    Default Re: ffld and how to get LO to take more milk at a feeding?

    meg: lol Yes, green poop was the only thing it helped and considering by the time I got myself ready to feed her she'd have got impatient it really was more of a pain that it was worth.

    How do I know if I have true overproduction? I'm not sure. it's been awhile since I've had any engorgement.

    I used to block feed every 2hrs then cut down to 1hr because I thought my milk production had slowed down

    What my concern really comes down to is wanting her to be happier and I think if she would nurse more efficiently she would be; I rarely feel that she has emptied a breast at a feeding.

    The best I've come up with is to nurse her After she's asleep, then she'll stay on for 20-50minutes. Otherwise she might only nurse for 5-10

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