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Thread: One Breast Not Producing! Please Help!

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    Default One Breast Not Producing! Please Help!

    My baby is 6 months old and prior to this we have had a pretty easy time breastfeeding. However for the last 24 hours my right breast feels empty. The left is full and fine but the right is just floppy. This is very rare, as I tend to have an oversupply and both usually produce quite a bit. plus I have a big baby with a large appetite.
    What should I do to remedy this?
    I should mention that pumping isnt really an option. I only have a manual pump that doesnt work very well and cant afford an electric.
    any ideas would be appreciated, Im worried about it getting worse....

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    Default Re: One Breast Not Producing! Please Help!

    You can preferentially offer the right breast until your breasts even out again. Sometimes baby starts favoring one breast over the other without mama noticing and things get lopsided.

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    Default Re: One Breast Not Producing! Please Help!

    Are you concerned about milk supply? Or are you concerned that you won't look "even"? You mentioned that prior to this, you had an easy time breastfeeding. Is anything else going on? Changes in sleep or adding solid foods? Anything else besides a "soft" breast that is concerning you -- weight gain, messy diaper counts, etc?

    Having a soft breast isn't necessarily a bad sign in and of itself. Typically your breast would feel less full after nursing.

    Could this be that your oversupply is now regulating itself? (Hooray!)

    I agree that offering the less-full breast more often will encourage that side to make more milk. Probably a good idea to watch for overfullness on the other side. This could potentially lead to hard spots/blocked milk duct then possibly a breast infection.

    Hand expression is a great substitute when a breastpump is unavailable. Here's a video showing moms of newborns but the technique is applicable: http://newborns.stanford.edu/Breastf...xpression.html

    Good luck!

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    thanks. im just worried that the right breast is "drying up" if that can happen? Just concerned about how to even it back out. so i will keep offering the right (more than left) and see if it corrects itself...thank you.

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    Cool Re: One Breast Not Producing! Please Help!

    I like to call my right side my "gimpy" side...

    Anyway, I still have mild oversupply on my left side. I have to pump at work, so after a weekend I can pump 10+oz total in the morning

    Don't worry about being lopsided. My right breast still produces a lot but I felt the same as you at one point in time (baby is 8.5mo old). I thought my right side had stopped when she was younger but then soon enough my DD had a growth spurt and evened things right out!

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