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Thread: Lost it at ped's office, totally upset & need support

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    Default Re: Lost it at ped's office, totally upset & need support

    I hate doctors that think they know better than the momma!

    Don't feel bad. It sounds like your DD is on her own growth curve, and that's just fine. And don't think that night weaning will increase her daytime calories, because I'm here to tell you that it's entirely possible that it won't. My DS1 certainly hasn't made up for lost night time calories. And also night weaning did not in any way help his sleep. He still wakes up during the night. And he's 2.5 years old.

    I don't know nsm's smoothie recipe, but we frequently toss frozen and/or fresh fruit in the blender with greek yogurt and spinach. Sometimes we add extra whey or soy protein. I rarely get DS1 to drink them, but DH and I enjoy them!
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    Default Re: Lost it at ped's office, totally upset & need support

    I think you are right to stand your ground and may indirectly improve other patients' care through your advocacy. If I may, I'll give examples from my own experience.

    My son (15mos) is also tall and lean: 95-99+ height, 75th head circumference, and 10-25th weight. When I expressed concern at my son's lack of interest in solids at 1 year, our ped gave us the night wean story too and advocated strongly against bed sharing. I just cited study after study and refuted her arguments. She politely agreed that there was no real scientific foundation to the recommendations against bed sharing in healthy populations without risk factors.

    Fast forward a few months after a referral to Jack Newman and my son is holding steady with weight, growing taller like a weed, and slowly warming to solids. He grows like his mother. Thanks to a domperidone prescription for me, he's taking in more calories from milk which, in turn, is stimulating his appetite for solids. Our paediatrician has since reversed her position on night weaning and advocates increasing milk supply to stimulate appetite.

    So, all that is to say you never know what kind of positive change you can effect from advocating from an evidence-based position.

    ETA: I still struggle with worrying about my son's weight. The reality is, he's the right shape for him. Barring any medical advice to the contrary, your daughter is probably also naturally tall, slim, and active!

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    My daughter is 14m old and i still breast feed and not only at night though that is what we are aiming for... It is good for her to drink whole milk now but if she dont like the taste try some karosyrup in it(Vanila flavored) for a little while till she will take it... i dont know why those dr.s thing you feeding her is stopping her from eating certin foods. That doesnt sound right... she could just not like those foods. i hope you get things figured out. Maybe you sould try another dr. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Lost it at ped's office, totally upset & need support

    I'm currently reading "how to get your child to eat (but not too much)by Ellyn Satter. So so helpful in thinking about sensible feeding as they grow. The big thing is that you don't need to "sneak" calories, kids are actually good at self-regulating to meet their needs if they are offered appropriate foods (and drinks) and allowed to eat or not eat as they choose.

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