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Thread: Should I be pumping on day 5?

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    Default Should I be pumping on day 5?

    My DS is 5 days old. I. SO ENGORGED because he isn't eating frequently enough. He falls asleep after a few sucks. When he does eat he typically spits it all up too. is it ok to go ahead and pump to relieve the pressure and pain?

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    Default Re: Should I be pumping on day 5?

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    I strongly encourage you to avoid the pump if at all possible. At day 5, your milk probably just came in, maybe within the last 24-72 hours. Most moms overproduce at first; it's nature's way of ensuring that a brand-new baby (or babies, if you happen to have twins) gets fed while he's still very sleepy and only just beginning to master the art of nursing. After you've been nursing for a while, your body is going to detect the difference between what baby takes when he nurses and what you're making, and will reduce supply to better match demand. When that adjustment happens, the engorgement is going to disappear. But if you pump, you're going to tell your body that it needs to be making all that milk, and you're going to perpetuate the oversupply.

    That being said, there are times when a new mom should pump: if her baby is unable to nurse, if she has mastitis, if the baby is nursing but nursing so poorly that her supply is at risk. But I don't think you're there yet. You have a sleepy baby and that is certainly a challenge, but unless his diaper output is inadequate or he is nursing less than 10-12 times a day, I don't think you need to worry.

    Tips on waking a sleepy baby:
    - Keep him cool. When it's time to nurse, strip him down to a diaper or onesie, and keep a fan blowing in the room where you're nursing (but not directly on the baby!).
    - Annoy him. Tickle the soles of his feet or rub against the grain of his hair using your hand or a cool, damp washrag.
    - Dim the lights; new babies sometimes close their eyes in response to bright light.
    - Use breast compressions to speed milk flow to the baby when his suckling slows.
    - If he is falling asleep within a couple of sucks, try taking him off the breast, changing his diaper, and putting him back. With a slightly older baby, you might put him on the other breast, but I don't think you want to do this just yet.

    Tips for dealing with the engorgement:
    - Put some cold, clean cabbage leaves in your bra
    - Try reverse pressure softening to allow baby to gain a better latch http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...oft_cotterman/
    - If the pain is absolutely unbearable, try hand-expressing milk to restore comfort- hand expression is less stimulating to supply than pumping
    - Watch baby's diaper output carefully- as long as he is producing enough wet/poopy diapers he is getting enough to eat and you don't need to worry about your supply, his nursing efficiency, or hauling out the pump.

    Let us know how it goes! I'm willing to bet you'll be through the worst of this in a day or two.

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    Default Re: Should I be pumping on day 5?

    No. It's 2 soon. You want your child to regulate your supply before you begin pumping. Wait until week 4-6 to begin pumping. And I would NOT put cabbage leaves in your bra this soon either. The result may drastically REDUCE your supply. As Mommal said the oversupply right now is to make sure your baby gets enough while mastering the art of nursing. Your supply WILL regulate over the next 3-6weeks based on what the baby does. Because it's all supply and demand. If you empty your breasts via the pump, your body get the signal that your baby emptied them and they need t make that same amount AGAIN. So with over supply in the beginning, you want to let it be as much as possible. Hand express only if needed to take the edge off.

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    Default Re: Should I be pumping on day 5?

    I would also caution you against using cabbage leaves. They are (or can be) extremely effective in drying you up. And you don't want to dry up.

    Engorgement is normal in the first few days after your milk comes in. Just keep offering baby your breast and let him drain as much as he can. If the letdown is too strong for him (and it may be if you're really full) you can try unlatching him and letting it spray into a towel (or a bottle if you want to try and save it) until it slows down a bit and then latch him back on. You can also try nursing while reclined- leaning back on pillows or even laying down with baby on your belly- which will allow gravity to help manage your strong flow.

    If you can avoid using the pump it would be best for now. If you're super full and can't get baby to nurse, try hand expressing. But if you can't get that to work you can try pumping just for a few seconds. Don't empty the breast, just pump enough to get yourself a little relief.
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