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Thread: advice needed

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    People are SO forward and nosy about baby sleep. I found it really helped to come up with canned responses so that I didn't get flustered and sucked into unwanted lecturing. And chitchat in the doc's waiting room is the worst! One cry equals colic, sheesh! My favorite is, "is she a good baby?" Is there such a thing as a BAD baby?

    Hang in there!

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    giving a little cry and a woman asked had she colic??? I felt like telling her where to go,
    This made me laugh, I am sorry, people are so cluless sometimes!

    I get the sleep question and the 'good baby stuff' a lot with my baby (now 5 months) too! It's usually some slight aquaintance or stranger and I know they are just trying to think of someting to say, so sometimes I let it go with a vague smile and nod. But sometimes it's someone who (I think) should know better or who I think might benefit from knowing the truth about babies. Then I might say someting like 'well she wakes up regularly to nurse, of course, thank goodness! Early on she didn't wake up often enough and I got a dreadful case of mastitis!" I figure they asked, so they cannot complain about the TMI. Usually just mentioning 'nursing' or 'breastfeeding' causes a rapid retreat if it's just idle questioning to have something to say, and if it's someone who is truly interested, they might ask more questions.

    to op, I suggest-seek out other breastfeeding moms to connect with, in real life as well as online. It makes all the difference in the world.

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