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Thread: Clamping down and Biting

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    Hi, for the duration of our nursing, DS 8 months has intermittantly clamped down and yanked off the nipple...always at the end of feeds or when frustrated, tired and not really wanting to nurse. I always tried to stop it, but now that he has teeth, I am getting huge gashes. He also is starting to bite. I have tried better positioning, unlatching him earlier, putting him down and saying no. None of it is working....My nipples hurt and have cuts. I am using APNO but do not know how to get this to stop. I want to keep bfing for as long as possible, but not like this!

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    Noone? Really??

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    My 9 month DS (who has 8 teeth already) bites me sometimes when he is latching on and really excited, or when falling asleep. I just watch him like a hawk now. If I even think he is going to bite, I stick my finger in his mouth and unlatch him before he has a chance. I am very consistent with telling him NO sternly when he does and not smiling (he usually thinks it is funny), putting him down, looking away, and then later encouraging him to open wide and latch well, showing him to stick his tongue out, praising and tickling him when he does. it seems to help.
    Have you tried giving him a pacifier? When he was teething I used to slip my nipple out of his mouth and a pacifier in to prevent biting at the end of the nursing sessions and he would suck on that until he fell asleep. He eventually caught on and won't take a pacifier at all anymore, but it worked great for a while. Now I just have to wary, I have noticed that he makes a very soft clucking sound as he breaks suction before the biting, so I pull my nipple out then.
    If he does bite, I have heard plugging baby's nose is a good way to get them to stop, because they hate that. I have not tried it yet.

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    DS will not take a pacifier. he just bites it! He is also not much of a comfort nurser so cutting off nursing is not doing much. I will try the pacifier again when he is a bit asleep. It was better yesterday then today he did it again and I have another cut!

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    Any chance hes teething? I would be very vigilant about watching for cues that he is done nursing and taking him off before he can do that.

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