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    Pump output is not a good indicator of milk supply because pump output varies based on when you pump, your expertise with the pump, and your response to the pump you have. It's fairly common for moms with normal supply to be unable to pump more than a small amount of milk, particularly when they are new to pumping and when they are using lightweight pumps. If you're using anything less than a good double electric pump with correctly sized shields, you shouldn't expect to pump much milk.

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    Came back from the lactation consultant Dd only gain 6oz in past 14 days. Diaper output good but Dd would barely nurse at the appointment. She said I had good latch and position, don't really know why dd is not sucking even though at breast. She told me to keep taking the supplement, pump and try to nurse dd as much as possible. Try to not give her bottle as that maybe making her lazy. So I am to keep her wake, do breast Compressions and switch nursing. any other recommendation? Dd is not refusing my breast as she even like to suck for comfort but just not drinking much from it or takes a really long time to drink.
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