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Thread: Best time of day to pump?

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    Default Best time of day to pump?

    I have been breastfeeding my 2.5 month old daughter on demand and it is going wonderfully for both of us. The only issue is that I work once a week and need to pump.

    I feed the baby on demand and we have no schedule so my question: when's the best time to pump? I feel anxious when I do pump, hoping she will not want to feed too soon after.

    I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Best time of day to pump?

    Most women chose to pump in the morning when their supply is highest. Are you able to pump at work? That way you only need to pump in advance for one day of work, then replace the missed nursing sessions with pumping when you are away.

    I am building a stash for going back to work; up until today I pumped one breast in the morning right after I fed DS; this morning I pumped both breasts. DS wanted to eat about 30 minutes after I finished (he often "snacks" all morning). It took a little longer to make him feel full (he ate off both breasts for awhile then went back to the first) but remember that there's always some milk. I knew that if I was going to double pump this morning, I had to be prepared that DS might want to hang out feeding a little bit longer because the supply may be slightly decreased.

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    Default Re: Best time of day to pump?

    I did the same - pump immediately after nursing in the morning. Remember your breasts are never "empty" so even if you pump and LO is hungry a short time later, there's still milk in there, like Ellen says you might just have to nurse for a little longer.

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