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Thread: Weight gain at 11 days...

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    Default Weight gain at 11 days...

    So I just had a visit from my health visitor and she didn't seem so happy that he had only gained 135g (just under 4oz) in 6 days. He was born at 3430g, at 5 days he was 3315g (loss of 115g) and now 3450g at 11 days. He is breastfeeding well, I have a good supply of milk, he is peeing and pooping well. I am trying to get him to take as much as possible on each feed on 1 breast so he will get the hind milk. Although she told me not to worry and keep going as I am she has stressed me out! I thought we were doing well but now I'm more worried than before her visit...

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    That is not such bad weight gain for this age. An ounce a day is average, but not right away-the first few days, baby intake is typically very litttle, the first week or so intake rapidly increases, but intake and milk production continues to increase for the first month or so.

    If your milk production is good, the only issue (if there even is an issue) is baby's ability to transfer milk and feeding frequency, which will normally be a minimum of 10 times a day these early weeks. That is the minimum! More often is fine. So I would ask

    How many times a 24 hour day does baby nurse?

    Does nursing hurt-is it painful, for you?

    How do you know your milk production is good?

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    Hmmm...my son's doctor says that as long as baby is back to birth weight in 2 weeks all is good, and that depending on the situation (if the mom & baby got a lot of fluid during labor and delivery for instance) 3 weeks is fine as well. If his wets and dirties are fine and he's nursing 10x in 24 hours I would stop worrying.

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    with the PPs.

    Are you nursing on just one breast per session? I wasn't quite sure from your post... Anyway, if you are, I strongly suggest nursing on both breasts. Allow baby unrestricted time on the first breast, and then offer the second breast as dessert.

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    I am trying to let him have as much as I can from one breast before offering him the second to ensure he is getting the hind milk.

    I'm not sure he is feeding 10 times a day, I offer him when ever he wakes up and for as long as I can keep him awake, he does fall asleep a lot on the breast so I am changing his diaper/burping him/ putting him down for a few minutes to wake him up then offering him again.. I don't feel I could offer him any more...

    I have expressed some when I am still engorged and he has fallen asleep and I can always get something so that's why I say I have a good supply..

    I have a little pain in the left breast but I am using lanolin cream inbetween every feed to try help the nipple heal.

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