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Thread: Wean overweight toddler?

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    Question Wean overweight toddler?

    Hi all,

    I am still currently nursing my 18 month old daughter. The problem is she is 42 lbs. Her doctor is concerned about her weight. We have already seen a ped. endocrinologist and he took the wait and see approach a few months ago (when she was only 37 lbs). He was counting on her weight gain slowing with mobility and weaning.

    Well that has not happened, the weignt gain slowing or weaning. It was my goal to have her self wean (ap minded parent).

    I am not clear if her weight is due to breastfeeding or a medical issue. The only tests done have been thyroid (which is fine). From what I hear from other mothers nursing still at this age, she nurses probably a little more than usual at night (sometimes all night, sometimes 3ish nusrsings a night) and she nurses about 3-4 times a day. Along with that she eats regular meals, but by NO MEANS enough to justify her weight.

    I'm not sure really what I'm asking for here. Some statistics? Some experience. We have some doctors appointments coming up (her 18 month check up and another ped. endo on the 24th) and I really just don't want to be bullied into weaning or having breastfeeding be a scapegoat. Or could it truly be the issue? I am at a loss.

    Any and all thoughts are appreciated!!!

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    I don't have a toddler, so I can't speak from an experience point of view...however, I would think that increasing her activity level would be preferential over weaning at this point, especially since it sounds like nursing is still very important to her.

    What is the family history like? were you and siblings (if you have any) on the chubbier side as toddlers? Maybe there's a genetic component...

    Hopefully others will have helpful experience-based answers...

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    I'm interested in this thread. I also don't have a toddler but I would say increase her activity would be a good start. I cannot imagine breastfeeding could cause a toddler to be overweight. Stick to your guns mommy, don't be bullied!
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    Default Re: Wean overweight toddler?

    You don't mention how/what she eats in the way of solids. My DD nurses about the same amount as your LO, and she's what we like to call a "healthy weight" of 24 lbs at 15 months. I feel like at that age, babies just weigh what they weigh. Has she always been a little high on the weight charts or is this something new?
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    Default Re: Wean overweight toddler?

    Unless she is nursing literally nonstop, I don't see how breastfeeding alone could be responsible for her high weight. Nor do I understand why weaning would be likely to "solve" the issue. Most babies max out their breastmilk intake at 19-30 oz per day (reference: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/pumping/milkcalc/). The recommended daily dairy allowance for a toddler is 2 cups a day. 2 cup = 16 fluid oz. Even if your toddler is nursing at the maximum intensity, getting 30 oz of milk in a day, she's less than 1 cup of milk per day over the RDA. While she is nursing somewhat more than SOME babies her age, she is by no means completely off the chart when it comes to nursing frequency, since she's nursing 6-7 times a day, max.

    Based on my (probably slightly dodgy) estimates, I don't see why weaning would be in order. Regardless of your toddler's weight, it is important for her to get some dairy because she needs the calcium for bone/teeth development and the fat for brain development. If you wean her, she's still going to need to drink 2 cups of milk per day- right? It's just not going to be your milk.

    That being said, if you decide you want to cut out some nursing sessions just to see if that has a salutary effect, you might want to consider doing some mother-led night-weaning. That seems like a decent compromise position between all-out mother-led weaning and baby-led weaning.

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