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Thread: Swaddling question

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    How long is it recommended to swaddle a newborn? And, any tips for swaddling a baby without actually swaddling them (if that makes sense!)? - My 7 1/2 week old still seems to want to be swaddled at night when he sleeps, but I was wondering if there was anything I can do (not swaddling) that will make him feel like he's swaddled. He'll take a really good, long nap in the afternoon not swaddled, but at night he seems to wake up sooner when he's not swaddled (than if he were).



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    I don't know if there's a specific age that is recommended to continue swaddling, but I think you just do it as long as your baby likes it. Isabelle began to squirm out of it after just a few weeks. We used a Swaddle Me blanket, but eventually, I could hear her grunting because she was trying to get out of it. After that, she started sleeping with her arms up by her head, so swaddling didn't work any more. It was actually nice when she started sleeping like that, because we could tell when she was really going to stay asleep. If her arms were up, she was out for at least a few hours.

    As far as swaddling without swaddling, I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Why do you want an alternative to swaddling if he sleeps better while being swaddled? Are you just looking for an easier way to do it? If so, the link to the Swaddle Me blanket above should be helpful. Sorry if I'm totally missing your question... I think I'm a little confused.

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    I, like the PP, use a Swaddle Me. We have three of them. MY LO is constantly swaddled and it usually calms her down when she is fussy. I don't put her to sleep like that however. I put her in a sleep positioner and wrap a blanket around her and tuck it under the positioner so that she still feels swaddled, but isn't in a swaddle blanket. She sleep sreally well like that - and the blanket covering her is below her chest so it won't get up in her face at all. I know blankets are frowned upon - but she sleep right next to me and I am constantly checking her - that blanket never moves.

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