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Thread: Day pumping hurting night supply?

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    Default Day pumping hurting night supply?

    I went back to work last week, my baby is 3 months and I have been pumping at work, here is my typical schedule:
    Morning feed 4-5am
    Feed before work at 630
    Pump 930 and 1230 for15-20 minutes each, it seems like I am empty when I finish.
    Pick up baby and nurse 430
    She often nurses about 4 times before I go to bed at10 or11

    The issue is that I seem to be "running dry" by the last nursing at night, I have had to give her some that I pumped a few nights because she was hungry.

    Should I be pumping less time more sessions? Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Day pumping hurting night supply?

    Whenever you have a concern that you're to producing enough, you want to increase the frequency and, if possible, also the length of your pumping sessions. Increasing frequency is probably more important than increasing length, though, so if you have to choose one, choose more, shorter sessions over fewer, longer ones.

    It's very unlikely that you "ran dry" at the end of the day. Your breasts always have milk because milk is always being made, so the baby can get at it if she works hard enough. If you get another episode of evening fussiness, the best approach is almost certainly to power through it. Nurse, nurse, nurse, and nurse some more, and switch back and forth between breasts. Eventually baby should get a full meal, and you won't further damage supply with supplements from the stash.

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    Default Re: Day pumping hurting night supply?

    Yes, I agree -- pumping more often, even for five minutes. Sneaking a pumping session in for 10 minutes before you leave for home, then nurse when you pick up your baby. Sneaking a pumping session in right when you arrive. This will tell your body to make MORE milk later, not dry you up for later.

    I suspect your body may be responding to the stress of going back to work. It is HARD, momma. It is a lot of work to make the milk and bring home the bacon! You can do it, many woman have, even though it's hard. Taking time for yourself, drinking to thirst, eating whole, healthy foods to hunger, and nursing a lot helps. Maybe consider taking one day during the weekend to spend the day in bed or on the couch nursing most of the day!

    Another idea is to try using breast compressions and hand expression mixed in during your pumping sessions. This will make sure every little "pocket" of milk in your breasts is expressed. Your baby's mouth is more efficient at getting out the "dregs" so to speak, than the pump. Here's video: http://newborns.stanford.edu/Breastf...xpression.html

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