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Thread: Looking for Reassurance - Dr is causing me to doubt myself

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    Default Looking for Reassurance - Dr is causing me to doubt myself

    I've found this forum extremely helpful and supportive over the course of the breastfeeding relationships with my DD and now my DS.

    My son had is 6 month "well baby" visit with the dr yesterday. They took all his measurements and apparently it looks like he has shrunk as he is smaller in length than last time and his head circumference hasn't changed. My initial reaction was to assume it was human error on our last visit (4 months) but the dr wants me to come back in 1 month for a re check and refer me to a pediatrician. I'm a little freaked out that something could be wrong that has gone totally unnoticed by me. Can babies shrink? They wouldn't tell me what their concerns were just that I had to come back.

    A little background: DS was born 2 weeks early, naturally and weighed 6lbs even. At our appointment yesterday he was 18lbs even. We own our own business so DS is able to come to work with me and is EBF on demand. We co-sleep at night so until our appointment yesterday I didn't feel like there were any issues. He's happy and IMO is meeting the appropriate milestones for his age.

    Has anyone else experienced this or something similar? I would appreciate any reassurance. This dr caused problems for me when my daughter was a baby as she was not gaining weight to his liking and was pushing me to give her cow's milk etc. I think that contributes to my feelings of unease.


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    Default Re: Looking for Reassurance - Dr is causing me to doubt myse

    Just saw your post and think they most likely mis-measured! Don't know if your Dr's office is like mine but at ours the nurse just makes a quick pencil mark at the top of her head and bottom of foot on the paper on the table - really inprecise in my opinion! If her leg wasn't fully extended or the angle of the pencil was off, there's an inch or so of error ;( Weight sounds great, my LO is 6-mos too and I think she's probably 15-16 lbs by now (our appt is this Fri). Your doc is probably just being cautious

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    Default Re: Looking for Reassurance - Dr is causing me to doubt myse

    Yes, I would agree with the previous poster. We had the same problem with my (now) two-year-old: at one visit during his first year, he was almost an inch shorter and almost pound lighter, and the doctor chalked it up to differences in who was doing the measuring. Sometimes active babies are more difficult to get accurate measurements on, unless the person taking the measurements is really patient. I wouldn't worry.

    In regards to the "not gaining weight to his liking," I had to switch doctors with one of my kids for that very reason. She told me that I was hurting my child by breastfeeding, and when we changed to a new doctor, it turned out that the previous doc was using a weight chart for formula fed babies instead of EBF. It might be time to look around for a new doctor if you have that option. I have found that local LLL group members often have great recommendations about doctors who are breastfeeding friendly.

    Good luck and relax! It sounds like your baby is gaining weight well!
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    Default Re: Looking for Reassurance - Dr is causing me to doubt myse

    Yes, I agree measurements are imprecise and probably an error last time or this time.

    Messy diapers going okay?

    How is solid food intake? (Just a reminder that too many solids too early can interfere with milk supply.)

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    Default Re: Looking for Reassurance - Dr is causing me to doubt myse

    Babies do NOT shrink in height or head circumference. It does. not. happen. They can, however, drop percentiles if growth pauses- but that's very different from shrinking! My hunch is that someone mismeasured or wrote down the wrong measurement. It happens all the time, especially with height and head circumference, which are difficult to measure. You need to have the baby not wiggle, and you need to get that little head-measuring tape adjusted just right...

    The charts imply that growth should always be constant and regular, but the truth is that growth proceeds in spurts. It is very common for a baby to pause in height while shooting up in weight, or vice versa. And once the baby starts to get mobile, the baby's rate of growth may slow as increasing amounts of calories are allocated to motion (reaching, rolling, squirming, kicking, crawling, etc.).

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