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Thread: No luck pumping

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    Hi all! Thanks for all the helpful advice in previous forums.
    My DS is 13 weeks tomarrow and I just went back to work last week. I work 12 hour shifts and I pump about 4 times in that 12 hrs.(I wrk 3 days a week). My baby seems to be getting enough when he is at the breast with me, though I still feed him all the time. At lest every couple hrs. But when I pump at wrk I only get 2 oz at the most per session not leaving him enough while I'm at work. I have a medela PIS and have tried hospital grade pumps with the same results. I am currently taking fenugreek and blessed thistle which I believe are helping but not with pumping.
    Does anyone have advice On how to get more out with pumping? He takes formula but always spits up so much with it. Even the added rice formulas. Any advice would be helpful. I have tried different size breast shields, pumping for awhile etc.
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    Your pumping frequency sounds good, and it sounds like it's not your pump if you've tried the hospital grade as well as the PIS, but I agree, 2 oz is low for pumping every three hours. How long are you pumping for? 15-20 minutes is average, some mothers need longer - if you do a longer session, even if you're initially "pumping dry," that can help with your output, and also help to get a second letdown. Do you do breast compressions? That can help too. Also, finding ways to relax during your pumping sessions can help - stress can inhibit letdown. For some people that's listening to music, watching a movie or tv show on their ipod, reading, looking at pictures or videos of your baby.

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    Agree with everything the PP suggested. One other idea -- have you tried following up with hand expression? There's a good instructional video on this -- the link is on a sticky at the top of the "Increasing Your Milk" forum. I find it to be very effective. Especially in my 2nd or 3rd pump session of the day, when I get smaller and smaller amounts, if I follow with hand expression I usually get another 1-2 oz. You can even try a pump-hand express-pump pattern to trigger more letdowns.

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